Friday, January 24, 2014

My version of New Look 0912 Bomber Jacket

Success my first lined garment ever!!!

This pattern was really pretty great.......easy to put together.......even the lining.  I was a bit worried because the picture on the pattern envelope is not my favorite thing.  

I made a few changes on the fly.  I didn't care for the elastic casing on the cuffs and bottom hem so I used knit ribbing instead.  I think it totally improved the look and made the whole garment go together a ton easier.  

I also added a collar.  First, I tried to use the ribbing on collar like I remember on my high school jacket but it didn't work.  So I added my go to archer collar.  Now I LOVE this jacket!  

I used a nice flannel fabric from my stash. It is nice and lightweight but surprisingly warm.  I am going to have to hide this one because my daughter keeps eyeing it.  LOL.

My Christmas shirt and favorite make of 2013- Simplicity 3786

I had to include my favorite make of 2013.  Simplicity 3786.   I made this for a casual Christmas party I attended.  I fell in love with the fabric and was so happy that it ended up being a dream to sew with.  My first sheer sewing ever.
It is a polyester blend and I made view D.  I loved the arm detail!  It works lovely in this fabric too.
I got a ton of compliments at the party.  The only change made was an addition of an archer collar.  I made it without the collar to start but thought it looked a bit awkward.  So I ripped it out and added the collar.  I think it really improved the shirt.

I am simply in love with this one!

My New Favorite Jacket, Simplicity 0306

I LOVED this jacket so much that I made two right in a row!  Simplicity 0306.

I used wool fabric for both of the jackets.  It was my first time using and wearing 100% wool and I have become a HUGE HUGE fan. These jackets are so warm but lightweight enough that when it warms up I don't die of heat exhaustion.    I was very surprised to see mixed reviews for this jacket because I love it so very much.  It is just so stinkin comfy!

I will say that I used  fleece fabric for my muslin and had some problems with the curves.  I think the wool is more pliable so it worked so much better.
 Although fleece muslin was not a complete fail,  my teenage daughter snatched it right up and is very happy with it.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Butterfly Shirt Simplicity 2365

My first finished project for 2014!  A sheer shirt just in time for January in Colorado!!  Brilliant right?  lol.

It was a fun enjoyable sew.......I am finding that I really like to sew pintucks.   I used a random sheer polyester blend with butterflies.  I only had a yard and a quarter so I had to do some improvising with the layout.  Thankfully it all worked out well and I even managed to add a collar.

Now on to something a bit warmer.

Friday, January 3, 2014

2014 Goals!

1.  Make some PANTS!!
I have the cutest pink linen gingham that so want to be a pair of Colette Clovers!  I also dream about a pair of red overalls.  Both of these ideas scary the heck out of my family.  LOL.  All the more reason to complete this goal!

2.  Use my stash! 
I am not a good stash person.  Once I get a bunch of fabric, it seems to take on a life of its own and just sucks all motivation right out of me! It replaces it with indecision and procrastination.  CRAZY right?  What an awful trait in a sewer!

3. Sew more every day wear.  
Archers popovers and button ups and find winter friendly knit day dresses.

4. Make one gift every month!
I have a big to-do list for gifts but I always run out of time. (Case in point.  My poor niece just got her newborn quilt this Christmas.  She turns 3 in March!  Good for her doll right.  lol.) This year all with be made with time to spare......I promise!

5. Make a Muslin!
This may help with issue number 2!  I struggle with this practice.  You have to admit that sometimes you do the right thing but the fashion fabric is a bit different and it ended up in the failed projects pile anyway.  This year I will figure this situation out and make my life easier!!!!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

All About ME!!!!

So I guess I will begin with an introduction.  Hello, I am Vicki, a wife and mother of two (girl 19, boy 10).  I live in Colorado and I am lucky enough to take pictures for a living.   I started sewing when I was 12.  I loved it and made a ton of skirts in high school but then life started and I stopped sewing.  A few years ago, the 80's came back (hello it was bad enough the first time) and I started sewing again.  Last year, my sweet husband finished our spare room and gave me a sewing room for my birthday!!  I have been going non-stop ever since.

I am happy to say I have inspired my daughter and she will be sewing with me this year.  I am really looking forward to the Ready Wear Fast of 2014!  I will admit that I  bought a ton of sweaters and leggings in December because I truly suck at knitting.  I don't think I will miss shopping at all because I have a bit (okay huge) addiction to Etsy and all their vintage sewing patterns!

Here are a few pictures of my sewing space and my daughter and I.

My space.  I LOVE it!  Bright yellow in the basement!  I share my space with my super cute mice friends, Socks and Boots and my betta fish, Fred.  Hey, Cinderella had sewing mice too so don't judge!.  LOL.

My lovely daughter and her first Archer!  With a history of less than 10 garments ever made, she rock it! Her Blog is sewmeg