Thursday, February 27, 2014

Operation Overall Complete, McCall 3835

Third time is a CHARM!  Although I really do love my Hello Kitty overalls, this pair ROCK!  They were the easiest to put together and the most comfortable to wear.  I LOVE THEM!
McCalls 3835 will remain in my pattern stash and will be used again very soon.  For this pair, I used a burgundy twill fabric and it was very easy to work with and wear.   Also wanted give some love the my shirt pattern, Vogue 8670.  It is a must have!
Well, Operation Overalls is officially over and I am happy to report that I adore two of the three patterns.  Overalls one and Overalls two  I had a Operation Pants???? Hmmmm scary.
Love my dainty flower lining too  (basic cotton).

My Mechanic Shop Overalls, Operation Overalls Pt 2

These bad boys remind me of WWI era overalls crossed with a modern day mechanic shop uniform.  I SOOO wish I had made them up in a hot pink or bubble gum pink fabric.  They would have been ADORABLE! They are not the most flattering overalls but the pattern was really intended for a ski suit so what did I expect.  They clearly will never be worn out for a coffee or anything but they are very comfy and perfect for cleaning around the house and yard.

This pattern is the second in my Operation Overalls series. Three vintage overalls patterns in one month.  My first can be seen here

The pattern is Butterick 6872.  It was fun to put together but getting the back straight took some effort.
The pattern also does not include back pockets which are completely necessary in my opinion.  I tried adding pockets to the front too but it ended up look a bit too "homemade" that way.  My favorite part of this pattern is the zipper up the back.  It makes these very easy to put on.  Basically, I will keep this pair but will not be using this pattern again.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My New Red Hoodie! Vogue 8951

My latest middle of the night make and my new favorite thing!  Vogue 8951.  This pattern is super easy and fun to put together.  The fact that I worked on it at 2pm and still didn't make any mistake should say everything!  :)
The hood and drawstring casing is brilliant!  Sadly, my drawstring is missing because matching my fabric has turn into mission impossible so far but have no fear......the search continues.
I used a really lovely light sweater knit fabric.  It was a dream to work with and ended up SO comfy that I want to wear this thing everyday!
In fact, I have already cut out #2 in a dark grey/black.  This time I am going to add the front pocket.  I did change the neckline a tiny bit.  Instead of sewing an inch or so out on the front I just continue with my top stitching.  I also understitched everything.  The facing stays down with no problem and I am much happier with the finished look.  

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Pinterest-Inspired Renfrew

I finally made something from my Pinterest inspiration board!  SHOCKING I know!   I am completely in love with this shirt!

So I went on a fabric search.  Sadly, my local stores are lacking and I was not even going to try to match whites online (I already had the lace in my stash). So........compromises were made.   I really did want a sweatshirt fabric for the main shirt but ended up with a heavy ponteroma fabric instead.

I used the Sewaholic renfrew pattern.  At first, I tried to leave the bottom band off and add side vents like the picture but the fabric is so stiff that it just hung off my chest making me look 9 months pregnant. Not good!  So I cut the bottom hem off and added the renfrew hem band and ended up loving it.  The fabric drape is not perfect but I still love it.

I am still on the look out for some great cream colored sweatshirt fabric but for now I will happy wear this one.

Monday, February 17, 2014

The shoe post (Project Sewn) and Vogue 1152

My sad confession of the day.........I am not a huge shoe person.......I know, I know.....tons of potential friendships forever doomed with one small confession.  That being said, I decided to join in on shoe inspiration week at Project Sewn with.........
Black original!!!
This is my wearable muslin for Vogue 1152 Rebecca Taylor.  I LOVE this pattern.  I can't wait to get some proper fabric and whip this pattern up again.  There are a ton of interested details and the directions are spot on and super easy to follow.  
I used a polyester to test everything out.  It worked out okay but the right fabric would allow it to drape way better.
Nevertheless, I still had no problem wearing this one out for coffee!!!

New Look 6098

 When I finished this project, I was pretty sure I didn't like the dress at all.  The strange saggy bat arms are not my favorite thing.  Surprisingly, I end up loving wearing it around the house!
It is very comfy!!
It is New Look 6098 and the fabric is a ITY knit I got from Denver fabric a while ago.
This pattern went together super fast and was very easy to put together.  The neckline is a bit low but when I lean over everything stays in place very nicely.  So I won't complain.
My sweet Tinkerbell (Pembroke Corgi) wanted some camera time too.  

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My Hello Kitty Outfit, Operation Overalls Pt 1

I told you I wanted some red overalls this year.  Here they are and I LOVE them.  I am not sure if anyone will ever go out with me in these babies but I don't care.  LOVE I tell you!   
They so remind me of Hello Kitty <3 so I added a few accessories and joined the Project Sewn pool!
So begins Operation Overalls.  I am hoping to sew up my three vintage overall patterns this month to determine which one is my favorite.  So far so good.
I used Simplicity 7006 (out of print)  for these cute overalls and it was a ton of fun to sew up.  I love how the older patterns are much better at keeping it simple.  I changed the circle pocket to a square because my circle looked AWFUL!  I like the square better anyway.  

I did struggle getting my top center seam to match my bottom center seam...lots of very LOUD choice words were heard but I managed in the end.  
I even did a bit of hand sewing on this one.  Hummmm.  I used a red denim fabric and love the bit of stretch it has to it.  
Now on to torture my family by wearing them out all the time.  :)  They apparently need a bit more silly/happy in their lives.