Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My Hello Kitty Outfit, Operation Overalls Pt 1

I told you I wanted some red overalls this year.  Here they are and I LOVE them.  I am not sure if anyone will ever go out with me in these babies but I don't care.  LOVE I tell you!   
They so remind me of Hello Kitty <3 so I added a few accessories and joined the Project Sewn pool!
So begins Operation Overalls.  I am hoping to sew up my three vintage overall patterns this month to determine which one is my favorite.  So far so good.
I used Simplicity 7006 (out of print)  for these cute overalls and it was a ton of fun to sew up.  I love how the older patterns are much better at keeping it simple.  I changed the circle pocket to a square because my circle looked AWFUL!  I like the square better anyway.  

I did struggle getting my top center seam to match my bottom center seam...lots of very LOUD choice words were heard but I managed in the end.  
I even did a bit of hand sewing on this one.  Hummmm.  I used a red denim fabric and love the bit of stretch it has to it.  
Now on to torture my family by wearing them out all the time.  :)  They apparently need a bit more silly/happy in their lives.


  1. Ooh! These looks so fun! You did a great job!

  2. Love it. Found your blog through project sewn. A great idea.