Thursday, February 27, 2014

My Mechanic Shop Overalls, Operation Overalls Pt 2

These bad boys remind me of WWI era overalls crossed with a modern day mechanic shop uniform.  I SOOO wish I had made them up in a hot pink or bubble gum pink fabric.  They would have been ADORABLE! They are not the most flattering overalls but the pattern was really intended for a ski suit so what did I expect.  They clearly will never be worn out for a coffee or anything but they are very comfy and perfect for cleaning around the house and yard.

This pattern is the second in my Operation Overalls series. Three vintage overalls patterns in one month.  My first can be seen here

The pattern is Butterick 6872.  It was fun to put together but getting the back straight took some effort.
The pattern also does not include back pockets which are completely necessary in my opinion.  I tried adding pockets to the front too but it ended up look a bit too "homemade" that way.  My favorite part of this pattern is the zipper up the back.  It makes these very easy to put on.  Basically, I will keep this pair but will not be using this pattern again.

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