Monday, February 17, 2014

New Look 6098

 When I finished this project, I was pretty sure I didn't like the dress at all.  The strange saggy bat arms are not my favorite thing.  Surprisingly, I end up loving wearing it around the house!
It is very comfy!!
It is New Look 6098 and the fabric is a ITY knit I got from Denver fabric a while ago.
This pattern went together super fast and was very easy to put together.  The neckline is a bit low but when I lean over everything stays in place very nicely.  So I won't complain.
My sweet Tinkerbell (Pembroke Corgi) wanted some camera time too.  


  1. Hi! I'm looking to sew a knit dress and googled this pattern and found you! I love your version of the dress and great fabric too. And the bat arms look good! Jen in England.

  2. Thanks Jen! Can't wait to see your version!!