Sunday, February 23, 2014

Pinterest-Inspired Renfrew

I finally made something from my Pinterest inspiration board!  SHOCKING I know!   I am completely in love with this shirt!

So I went on a fabric search.  Sadly, my local stores are lacking and I was not even going to try to match whites online (I already had the lace in my stash). So........compromises were made.   I really did want a sweatshirt fabric for the main shirt but ended up with a heavy ponteroma fabric instead.

I used the Sewaholic renfrew pattern.  At first, I tried to leave the bottom band off and add side vents like the picture but the fabric is so stiff that it just hung off my chest making me look 9 months pregnant. Not good!  So I cut the bottom hem off and added the renfrew hem band and ended up loving it.  The fabric drape is not perfect but I still love it.

I am still on the look out for some great cream colored sweatshirt fabric but for now I will happy wear this one.

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