Monday, February 17, 2014

The shoe post (Project Sewn) and Vogue 1152

My sad confession of the day.........I am not a huge shoe person.......I know, I know.....tons of potential friendships forever doomed with one small confession.  That being said, I decided to join in on shoe inspiration week at Project Sewn with.........
Black original!!!
This is my wearable muslin for Vogue 1152 Rebecca Taylor.  I LOVE this pattern.  I can't wait to get some proper fabric and whip this pattern up again.  There are a ton of interested details and the directions are spot on and super easy to follow.  
I used a polyester to test everything out.  It worked out okay but the right fabric would allow it to drape way better.
Nevertheless, I still had no problem wearing this one out for coffee!!!


  1. That's a really great wearable muslin. I wouldn't have thought it was the "practice" piece. It looks great on you!