Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My New Red Hoodie! Vogue 8951

My latest middle of the night make and my new favorite thing!  Vogue 8951.  This pattern is super easy and fun to put together.  The fact that I worked on it at 2pm and still didn't make any mistake should say everything!  :)
The hood and drawstring casing is brilliant!  Sadly, my drawstring is missing because matching my fabric has turn into mission impossible so far but have no fear......the search continues.
I used a really lovely light sweater knit fabric.  It was a dream to work with and ended up SO comfy that I want to wear this thing everyday!
In fact, I have already cut out #2 in a dark grey/black.  This time I am going to add the front pocket.  I did change the neckline a tiny bit.  Instead of sewing an inch or so out on the front I just continue with my top stitching.  I also understitched everything.  The facing stays down with no problem and I am much happier with the finished look.  

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  1. Now I'm looking at some of your other makes (started with your new look 6098) and LOVE this - great make! I'll look for the pattern...thanks! Jen