Sunday, March 30, 2014

March has been good to me!

March has been AMAZING to me (cute makes, met Mondo, inherited tons of cute patterns and supplies) and to finish it off I got an email this morning let me know that the LOVELY Sharon at nominated me for a Liebster Award!  I am a HUGE fan of her blog.  We are both doing the NRW challenge and her dresses are out of this world beautiful!  So thank you so much Sharon!!!  

So this award is giving to new bloggers and the rules are as follows.

1.You thank the person who gave you the award
2.Then link back to that person’s blog
3.Copy and paste the Liebster award to your own profile
4.Answer the 5 question your nominator asked
5.Pick 5 blogs who you feel deserve to be noticed (they have to have under 200 followers)
6.Ask them 5 questions
7.Then finally blog it and leave a comment to let your 5 choices know they have been chosen.
8.Nominate 5 blogs

On to the question and answer portion of the post!

What made you start to blog?
I have been sewing most of my life and love it but I don’t have any real world sewing friends.  I heard that the online sewing community was amazing so I decided to give it a try.  I am so glad I did because I am really enjoying it.

What is your proudest sew & why?
My sheer simplicity 3786.  This shirt inspired my 19-year-old daughter to start sewing.  She recently bought a sewing machine and is really enjoying herself!

Have/would you, considered a career involving sewing, if so, in what capacity? 
I would love to teach children how to sew.  I think it is an important life skill and it breaks my heart that is has been removed from most schools.  I don’t think I would make a career out of it, but I would love to do it part-time.

What would be the ultimate sewing challenge/make you dream of completing, Why? 
I am a photographer by day and this year I challenged myself to create 6 over the top outfits for my artsy photos.  Medieval gown, sundress with a huge kite, vintage boy’s overalls ect.  It is proving to be very time consuming but fun!

One sewing technique that you absolutely love.
I use Emma Seabrooke’s knit stay tape on all my hems, zippers and necklines and it has been life changing!  I use them on wovens and knits.  I heard about these tapes in a craftys class and will not sew without them now.  No more wonky seams and necklines.  They are priceless. 

My nominates are!
1. Mrs Toad Sews,, I found this blog through the NRW challenge and it quickly became a favorite!
2. Seams Odd, Louis,, Another NRW blog that I love!
3. Starcrossed,, This is not a new blog but I had to include it. I found it when she was paired with my daughter in a name tag swap and I just love her style.
4. Adventures of a Young Seamstress,,  Vintage, adorable and super-talented.
5. Sewing Forward,, NRW blogger that I really enjoy.

My questions
1. Why did  you start blogging?
2. What is your favorite make so far?
3. If you could only sew with one type of fabric, what would you choose?
4. What is your favorite tool or gadget in your sewing box?
5. How big is your stash?  

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Vogue 8877 Color Blocking Week Continues

All I can say is this shirt trumps my favorite hoodie pattern for comfort!   The pattern and I had a rocky love/hate relationship during the construction and the day after but we are on speaking terms again.  The first problem was my mistake.  I failed to cut the proper sleeve length and had a mess of a time correcting it.
The second issue was the sleeves run very big so I had to mess around with the side seam and figure out a decent fit.  Then when I was finished, I hate it all together.  The underarms seems wonky.  Thankfully I put it on the next day and fell in love again.  I worn it all day today and the love is only getting stronger.  :)
Don't you just love my super original color scheme choice?  LOL  (These colors match the picture on the envelope to a tee!)
So it is Vogue 8877 and I used a medium weight jersey knit from my stash.  I did not use bias tape on the neckline.  I thought that may make it sag with the knit fabric.  So I stabilized it with my favorite stay tape, sergered the edge, turned it under and top-stitched it. I top-stitched all seam to get a flat finish too. Worked wonderfully.  Just a shout out to Emma Seabrooke.  I LOVE your tapes and I use them on EVERY hem I sew.  LOVE!!!
So after a very rocky start, I just love this shirt!

My 1970's Sunburst T-Shirt

As soon as I spotted this pattern in the stack my mom gave me, I couldn't wait to sew it up.  I love it!  It is very form fitting which I guess works with the 70's look.  I love the colors but the whole time I was making it I kept thinking about Rainbow Brite!  I will have to make another one with a rainbow and powder blue fabric.  How CUTE!! I think next time I will go up a size.   I like a little ease.  :)))
The pattern is Stretch and Sew 309 Sunburst t-shirt.  I used various jersey knit fabric.  It was a joy to put together with a serger.   

Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Mother Load!

BEST DAY EVER!  My mom cleaned out her sewing room and I totally SCORED!!!!

 NINETY SEVEN vintage 60's, 70's, 80's patterns all in my SIZE and style!!!!!  So long Etsy, I will not be needed your vintage patterns anymore.  :))
Yards and Yards of beautiful lace.  OH MY!!!

I LOVE buttons......a lot of vintage.....even a matching set of palm trees hand painted.   BEAUTIFUL!!

Rib knit fabric in every color for collars and cuffs!  Along with lots of fantastic tools and books.  I LOVE my MOM!!!!  Funny note:  About 10 years ago, she offered all this stuff to me and I told her to trash it because I would never need it.   THANK GOODNESS she didn't listen to me.  Today was Christmas in March.  YAY!!!!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Double Flannel Archers

Augh!!  Spring has arrived and I still have a ton of winter projects that I REALLY love and want to make and wear!  I did manage to pull these flannel pieces out this week.  Super thick fabric and I didn't want to have to store it all summer.  I did a bit of assembly line sewing....making these at the same time.  It was great!!  I will duel sew my archers from now on!!!!  Two in the time of one.....LOVE!

This is really heavy flannel.  It worked like a dream with the Archer pattern.  The only problem I had was with the sleeve plackets.  I used the archer method on the red shirt and felt like the heavy fabric just didn't lay quite right.

On the purple/grey shirt, I took lladybird's advice and used the colette's negroni method.  It was a lot easier for me and way less bulky.  

I really love this pattern.  I can't wait to make a few sleeveless sheer summer shirts.  The possibilities are just endless!  I also can not say enough about the sew-a-long on the grainline website.  My sewing skills reached all new levels with this one.  Thank you so much Jen!!!  You are AMAZING!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Best Fabric Shopping Day EVER!!!

Look who we ran into at Colorado Fabric in Denver today......Mondo from Project Runway.   He was delightful!
Mondo, Me and my daughter Meg!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Sometimes one is not enough! Vogue 8951 and another silly Renfrew!

I have been in a bit of a sewing funk lately.  The weather doesn't know what it wants to do so I seem to not know what to do either.  I have quite a few winter projects waiting for me but I don't want to make them then not be able to wear them.  My part of Colorado is normally its snowiest in March and April but this year it has been really warm.

In the ended, I went for a repeat week.  I am completely in love with Vogue 8951.  I have been wearing my first make so much that I knew I needed another one (Bonus! it was already cut out and everything)  This pattern is very easy and it is the most comfortable thing in my closet.  LOVE IT!

I changed the neckline in both and like it much better.  I just topstitch 1/4 inch all the way around.  I also under-stitched it all so the facing stays in place without a problem.  

I also made another silly Renfew this time with snow white fabric.   I bought this online at this etsy store.  I thought it was a deep royal blue but in real life it ended up being a little less royal.  I still love it and now I have two shirts that make me smile.  

These shirts are the best thing ever on yucky mornings.  I just pull one of them out of the closet and smile all day!

Heidi and Finn Newborn Warm-ups.

I had a little bit of my super funny gnomes/bus fabric left over. The thought of tossing it in my scrap bucket was breaking my heart so I found this FABULOUS newborn pattern on Etsy.  Perfect timing too because my sister is days away from having a baby boy.  I am so excited!!  Anyway, I considered getting him a shirt that said something along the lines of " my aunt is the best thing ever" but the thought of us dressing like twins was way better.   Just kidding.  lol.   Anyway, is this the cutest outfit ever or what?
This pattern was a dream to put together.  It was done in less than an hour on my serger.  The only change I made was to put the arm and leg ribbing on before I completed the arm/leg seams.  The thought of adding it to those itty bitty completed sleeves was too much for my brain.   I think this pattern goes up to size 18-months and I can promised he will be getting a few more!  Find the pattern at this etsy store

Saturday, March 1, 2014

My Silly Birthday Shirt

Most people make lovely dresses or something fantastically classy for their birthday.   I, on the other hand, made an adult-size toddler shirt.  LOVE IT!  This shirt makes me happy and I laugh out loud every time I look in the mirror.  lol.
I used the renfrew pattern and a cotton jersey I found at this Etsy Shop.  I love this pattern.  It is very figure flattering and fast to put together.  I like to use a ribbed knit on the neckline because it always stays down and looks great.

I had a fantastic birthday with my family and a homemade Boston cream pie.....YUM!!!