Monday, March 17, 2014

Heidi and Finn Newborn Warm-ups.

I had a little bit of my super funny gnomes/bus fabric left over. The thought of tossing it in my scrap bucket was breaking my heart so I found this FABULOUS newborn pattern on Etsy.  Perfect timing too because my sister is days away from having a baby boy.  I am so excited!!  Anyway, I considered getting him a shirt that said something along the lines of " my aunt is the best thing ever" but the thought of us dressing like twins was way better.   Just kidding.  lol.   Anyway, is this the cutest outfit ever or what?
This pattern was a dream to put together.  It was done in less than an hour on my serger.  The only change I made was to put the arm and leg ribbing on before I completed the arm/leg seams.  The thought of adding it to those itty bitty completed sleeves was too much for my brain.   I think this pattern goes up to size 18-months and I can promised he will be getting a few more!  Find the pattern at this etsy store

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