Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Mother Load!

BEST DAY EVER!  My mom cleaned out her sewing room and I totally SCORED!!!!

 NINETY SEVEN vintage 60's, 70's, 80's patterns all in my SIZE and style!!!!!  So long Etsy, I will not be needed your vintage patterns anymore.  :))
Yards and Yards of beautiful lace.  OH MY!!!

I LOVE buttons......a lot of vintage.....even a matching set of palm trees hand painted.   BEAUTIFUL!!

Rib knit fabric in every color for collars and cuffs!  Along with lots of fantastic tools and books.  I LOVE my MOM!!!!  Funny note:  About 10 years ago, she offered all this stuff to me and I told her to trash it because I would never need it.   THANK GOODNESS she didn't listen to me.  Today was Christmas in March.  YAY!!!!


  1. Oooooh you are sooooo lucky!
    I'm still using my grandmothers' stashes. They had different styles and I took all I could before I felt like a scrounge. I wish I had taken more and ignored the feeling like I was being a vulture. I think the rest of the family threw it away. No patterns but tools, thread (I use it for muslining and basting because it is so old), fabric, no patterns no huge yardage.

    1. My great grandmother had a sewing/alternation business. Rooms and rooms of amazing sewing supplies. When she passed away, it all ended up in the trash before anyone knew what happened. Heartbreaking.

  2. Your mom knew you better than you thought! My mom doesn't sew but she looks for good stuff for me at yard sales and estate sales. She finds all kinds of stuff - hand knitted, hand crocheted and hand tatted lace, vintage buttons, really vintage bone crochet hooks, vintage notions, it's amazing. When I go I don't find anything. I got all Grandma's stash, and she sewed. Yay for Moms!

    1. I am with you. I go to estate sales and yard sales and never find a thing either. Your
      mom must has really good karma. :))))