Saturday, March 29, 2014

Vogue 8877 Color Blocking Week Continues

All I can say is this shirt trumps my favorite hoodie pattern for comfort!   The pattern and I had a rocky love/hate relationship during the construction and the day after but we are on speaking terms again.  The first problem was my mistake.  I failed to cut the proper sleeve length and had a mess of a time correcting it.
The second issue was the sleeves run very big so I had to mess around with the side seam and figure out a decent fit.  Then when I was finished, I hate it all together.  The underarms seems wonky.  Thankfully I put it on the next day and fell in love again.  I worn it all day today and the love is only getting stronger.  :)
Don't you just love my super original color scheme choice?  LOL  (These colors match the picture on the envelope to a tee!)
So it is Vogue 8877 and I used a medium weight jersey knit from my stash.  I did not use bias tape on the neckline.  I thought that may make it sag with the knit fabric.  So I stabilized it with my favorite stay tape, sergered the edge, turned it under and top-stitched it. I top-stitched all seam to get a flat finish too. Worked wonderfully.  Just a shout out to Emma Seabrooke.  I LOVE your tapes and I use them on EVERY hem I sew.  LOVE!!!
So after a very rocky start, I just love this shirt!


  1. I like this--thank you for bringing this pattern to my attention.

    Rose in SV

    1. Thank you. It is a pleasure to wear!

  2. I love your style and the colours your choose. I have nominated you for a Liebster Award! Get the full details at