Thursday, April 3, 2014

ConKerr Cancer - Our Spring Break Project

I spotted an article about ConKerr Cancer pillowcases in last month's issue of SewNews and thought it would be a perfect project for my son's spring break.  I mentioned it to him and he was all for it. So, off we went to Joann's (his least favorite place on Earth).  He had fun picking out all the fabric but was not to happy to have to wait in the horrible cutting table line.  Once we got all the fabric home and cut out as required, I introduced him to the serger.  He was not having it.  He hand sews ornament every Christmas (this year was ninjabread men. Little gingerbread men hooked with ninja gear) and I often have him do one or two simple sewing machine projects a year.  Hey, it is a life skill that everyone should know!  Thankfully he is very agreeable. So anyway, he did not care for the serger so instead he completed all the pillowcases with FRENCH SEAMS.  I LOVE HIM!
This was a very fun project.  We planned on doing one pillowcase a day for a week but sleepovers and play dates got in the way.  So, we managed it in two days spending about an hour a day on the project.  Such a small amount of time needed for such a worthy cause.
I spoke to our local representative and she said they never have enough.   She asked me to spread the word as much as possible.  So I am spreading the word.  Go suffer through the lines at Joann's and get busy!  :)
Here is one family member that did not get busy with us.  This is her usual spot and occupation in my sewing room.  Lazy girl.  lol.


  1. What a good cause! I know when my dad was going through chemo, his doctors recommended satin pillowcases to help keep him cool. He loved the so much that five years cancer free (yeah!), he stole the embroidered satin pillow cases I had made for my wonderful stepmom!

    I might have my boys try this once we finish our outfits for The Red Island Project. Boys should know how to sew and use a sewing machine.

  2. So glad your dad is doing well! I stated teaching my kids basic sewing skills a couple of years ago when I friend brought me her vintage coat. She had not been able to wear it for 5 years and was going to thrash it because the buttons had come off. The coat is gorgeous and the buttons were in the pocket. I couldn't believe she couldn't sew a button on. So I decided that would never happen to one of my kids. LOL.