Wednesday, April 9, 2014

In Love With Chambray and Simplicity 7912

This fabric had no business sitting in my stash so long.  What was I thinking?  It is the best button up shirt fabric I have ever sewn with!  Easy to work with and very comfortable. My original plan for it was a traditional button up THEN I spotted Simplicity 7912. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE all the patterns I inherited from mom yet?  Anyway, I am a sucker for a raglan sleeve.  The pattern was perfect for me.....tons of top stitching but it went together quickly.

I am still new to the whole blogging concept and I totally blew it on this shirt.  The original shirt collar was upside down batman wing crazy!  It was about 2 1/2 inches bigger than the current collar.  I really wish I had taken I picture during the fitting.  I was rocking the 70's like no other and I am sure my facial expression was priceless!  LOL.  
Anyway, aside from the collar adjustment, the pattern went together as directed and I love it.  The sleeves are just hemmed with a tab and two button closure.  I have not seen this treatment since my youth.  Kinda like it. I did ended up with the tabs on the wrong side.  They should be in the back but it doesn't bother me enough to rip out all the top stitching.  

I will be using this pattern again for sure!   I think it would be fantastic in a sheer.  


  1. I like the raglan! I've been wanting a chambray shirt. You have a great stash to be able to pull these out. Great job.

  2. LOL. Well, I mostly shop at Joann's and my store only gets decent fabric twice a year. I stock up during those times and hope it gets me through. :) I wish I could shop online but every time I try I end up disappointed. I could also just make more trips to Colorado Fabric but I know if I did I would be broke. :)))))

  3. Its lovely I love raglan and chambray. Fab match. I really like the shape of this shirt. I live in shirts I find the so easy to wear and launder.

    1. Thanks. I have also fallin in love with this style of shirt. They work in the summer and winter.......LOVE!

  4. LOVE it!!! I just found this pattern at a thrift store, and I've got some really awesome vintage cotton that I think I'm going to be making this one out of, but now you've got me thinking about some chambray!