Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Me - Made - May'14

Nothing like waiting to the last moment! My first year fun!  I do not have enough homemade clothes to go full blown but I do have enough to wear at least one thing a day.  I look forward to learning more about my style and wardrobe this month.  Sewing my own clothes is quickly teaching me that I really like a completely different style of clothing than what I have been buying/wearing.  So...............

 'I, Vicki, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '14. I endeavour to wear at least one handmade garment each day for the duration of May 2014'


  1. My first year too. This may stretch me as I haven't made that much... yet!

  2. I know I don't have much either! :)) Thankfully I live in Colorado. May is typically snow one day and 70's the next so I should be able to wear both winter and summer clothes. Good luck to us both!

  3. Interesting that what you like, what you sew and what you buy are different. I too have noticed the same about my stuff. Been trying to align. I love dresses, but I tend to be more comfortable in "sporty spice" attire. I live in Jeans & T-shirts. Look forward to hearing about your self discoveries.