Saturday, April 5, 2014

Perfect Summer Dress - Vogue 1152

I finally got around to making my second Vogue 1152!    The first time around I used a heavy polyester mix and, although I wear it and like it, it just doesn't hang quite right.  It is a little stiff and what a really want is a soft and flowy summer dress.  So when I found this very soft rayon (almost feels like a crossed between super soft cotton and gauze fabric) at Colorado Fabric, I knew it was meant to be Vogue 1152.

The fabric and pattern sat on my cut table for awhile because this pattern is a bit labor intensive.  Fun to make but labor intensive.  That front casing piece is something else.  This time around I used a lightweight seam-a-seam to hold the cording in place.  It worked like a dream and saved me a headache or two.  

The finished dress is just what I was looking for.  It has a loose fit.....blow in the lots of yummy BBQ feel to it. Perfect for super hot summer days.

While I was sewing this dress, the weather beautiful so I figured I would get to take pictures in my flip flops and own the summer feel!  Sadly, Colorado had a different idea and I was forced to take the pictures in my winter work boots.  Third year in a row that my poor tulips were buried before they even got to bloom. :(((


  1. How nice to get a summery dress made. It is definitely that time of year. I love the look and the fabric is great.

  2. I just love the changes that Colorado Fabric has made. I knew I had serious fabric issues when I could look at your fabric and know exactly where in CF they have it. This is just darling on you! And don't worry, I'm betting your tulips will be fine. My daffodils are just fine after that weird storm.

  3. I also love the changes at CF! Such a friendly place now and the last time I went I swooned over all the designer fabric they added. In fact, I am still swooning and having to refrain from driving back out there. LOL.
    You were tulips survived so far.....finger crossed!