Saturday, May 31, 2014

Me-Made-May'14: Week Five Round-Up! The End!

May 24th
Shirt - Simplicity 2365
Spent the morning at the street market.  My son is always willing to go with me because he loves the big slides (3 rides for a buck!) and snow-cones! Then, we headed to the plant nursery!  The weather is finally stable enough to plant some pretty flowers and veggies!

May 25th
Shirt - Renfrew
If you go on a plant buying spree one day, you are forced to weed and work in the garden the next.  The first weeding after winter is the best...NOT.  We have our entire yard xeriscaped which means we weed everything.

May 26th
Dress - Vogue 8379
A quick walk for Slurpees and then we are off to our Memorial Day BBQ!  Fun day!

May 27th
Skirt - Simplicity 2655
Shirt - Renfrew
Picked up two new mice friends for the sewing room today with my boy.  He named them Timon and Pumbaa which is funny because he hasn't watch the Lion King in at least four or five years.  LOL.

May 28th
Dress - Burda 114 5/2010
My favorite picture!  LOL.  Putt-putt golf with the kids today.  I love summer vacation!

May 29th
Skirt - Vintage McCall 3050
Shirt - Maria Denmark Kimono Tee
I had a fun morning coffee date with my BFF again but sadly forgot to take a picture.  I so wanted to make her feel like a teenager again!  LOL.  When I got home, the kids and I decided to go for a hike with Tinkerbell (dog) and hang out at the park.  Fantastic weather today!

May 30th
Dress - Cake Tiramisu
Clearly my family is having a little too much fun with these daily pictures.  Too funny.

May 31st
Dress - Simplicity 2401
Annual family bbq with my good friends today.  Thankfully, we got to enjoyed a couple of hours of fun before the hail/thunder storm shut it down.  The kids had a blast running around in the hail and rain while all the adults froze.  LOL.

Yay Me-Made-May is over!  No more daily pictures YAY!  I really enjoyed participating this year and learned a lot about my wardrobe. 

1. I need more solids!  
2. I also found a lot of orphan skirts in my closet.  So now I don't sew separates, I sew outfits.  I started this week two and it works wonderfully and with all the great shirt patterns it is easy.  
3. I have a ton of summer clothes that I love but my winter wardrobe is lacking.  You would think the opposite because I live in Colorado but I guess the Florida girl still rules. 
4. Instagram is FUN!

It was a great experience and I will definitely pledge again next year!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

I might die of shock! She actually use one of her Burda magazines!!!

Shocking news.......I finally used a Burda magazine pattern.  I have been collecting these magazines for years but I never sewed a thing from them.  I guess I was collecting them for the pretty pictures and endless possibilities.  Why the change you ask?  Well, I think the no-ready-wear challenge is really helping to improve my sewing skills and confidence level.  So with that new confidence, I braved the crazy scribble pattern paper and traced Burda 114 5/2010.

First time = Success!  I love wearing this dress.  I made it out of tutti fruiti fabric I found on the Hancock Fabric clearance table.  I love saying tutti fruiti  I have never worked with this fabric before but I will be again soon.  This stuff is lovely to sew with and so wonderful to wear in hot weather!  I am a fan! It also blows delightfully in the wind.  
The pattern was really easy to put together.  I love the finished project but next time I will probably replace the actually button up front with a fake button up front. It was a lot of work for no actual purpose. Check out the back.....cute right?  Pardon the blurry daughter had me laughing.
Well, the whole experience has been liberating and I have already cut out my next pattern. 
I know I am very late to this party but I love Burda Magazines and I am so glad I finally found the courage to actually use them!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Its A Wrap. - Vogue 8379 Monthly Stitch - Sew Stretchy

Can you believe this dress has 122 reviewers on Pattern Review and it has just been gathering dust in my sewing room for the past year?  I was on the wrap dress fence.....not sure if it would work for my body type.  I finally caved because how could 122 people be wrong? They were not.....I love this dress!
I used a jersey knit fabric from my stash.  I have really been stash busting lately!  I am thankfully it has a nice busy print because I did have a few issues with the neckline.  I think the pattern just left the edge open with a tacking at the shoulder seam and a under-stitch.  If I read that correctly, it didn't work for me.  The facing kept wanting to show itself off.  I finally stitched it down about 1 1/2 inches in on both the top and the skirt. This worked wonderfully and the seams is pretty hidden in the print.  Next time, I will read the directions much slower and see if I completely misread them.
This is one comfortable dress and when I bend gaping!  LOVE!  I also wore this on a very windy day and all my bits stayed covered.  Success!  
I think I may need a long-sleeved version for winter.  For now, I am learning to make pants.  (Insert scared face and nail biting)  I am taking the One Pattern, Many Looks: Pants with Kathy Ruddy.  I love that women.  She is just a joy to listen too and is making me believe I can do it.  Fingers-crossed!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Me-Made-May'14: Week Four Round-Up

May 17th
Skirt - Vintage McCall 3050
Coffee and shopping date with my BFF today.  Great Saturday.  She said I made her feel like a teenage taking selfies!  LOL.
May 18th
Shirt - Stretch and Sew 309 Sunburst shirt.
My daughter and I ran out for some fun shopping before the whole family got busy cleaning and cooking.   Nothing better than waking up on a Monday to a very clean house! 
May 19th
Overalls - McCall's 3835
The last Monday morning school drop off of the year!!  Since I woke up to a clean house, I spent the day sewing.  Trying to enjoy the last quiet week before a fun and busy summer with my boy!
May 20th
Dress - Darling Ranges
Spent the day with my daughter today.  Super fun!
May 21st.
Shirt - Gnome Renfrew
Quite rainy day spent processing photos.  Every now and then, I do work.  :)
May 22nd
Skirt - Kelly Shirt
Cleaned out the garage and cut out Vogue 8379 because  pattern review has 122 great reviews for this pattern!  I guess I better make one too!!
May 23
Skirt - New Look 6269
Spent the morning with my lovely sister, niece and sweet new nephew!  LOVE!  Then, this afternoon we are celebrating my son's last day of 4th grade!!!!  Bring on summer and sleeping in!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The.......I suck at making muslin's dress - Darling Ranges Dress

I LOVE all the independent patterns out there but always wonder about sizing when I use a new company. So, when I printed out this pattern I decided to make a muslin.  It fit perfectly so I went ahead and made the dress out of my fashion fabric.......and it was too small.  This stuff happens to me all the time.  The muslin fabric isn't the same as the fashion fabric and it just doesn't work out. What am I doing wrong?   Grrrrr. Thankfully, I had enough fabric left to make a second one that fit.
In order to get the fit right, I ended up doing a FBA.   Most likely the first and last time I will ever do this adjustment but hey for one day I needed it! Write that down in the history books folks! LOL. I wanted a very loose fit for hot summer days and the end results was just what I was hoping for.  
Not to mention it has pockets!  I used a mystery fabric that is not the best quality.  It is frays a lot and sometimes it frays nowhere near the edge.  I have a feeling I better enjoy the dress this summer because I don't think it will not last very long.
I love my little black bow in the back!  
It is the Darling Ranges dress from Megan Nielsen.  I love the dress and am sure I will give in and make another one because the variations on her pinterest board are inspiring!  I love that she has a board for each of her patterns with variation ideas.  LOVE!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Me-Made-May'14: Week Three Round-Up

May 10th
Shirt - Vogue 8877
Great Day!  My son and I drove to Lakewood and met with a great group of photographers at Bear Lake Creek Park.  We photographed seven different birds......three owls, two hawks and two eagles.  We were there about three hours but it felt like five minutes.  Close-ups were at the 2 feet mark and they flew the bald eagle and the golden eagle for us.  Super fun day and we ended up with some really great photos!

May 11th
Shirt - Flannel Archer
A very snowy Mother's Day with tons of good food, gifts and great company. Every year I am going to plan a super great day before Mother's Day with my son because he was amazing today. I think he was still flying high from the day before.   :)  Side note:  I love this picture because Tinkerbell look so 'happy' just makes me laugh!

May 13th
Overalls - McCall 3835
Still snowy and cold outside today so I decided to make a cute summer dress. 

May 14
Shirt - Flannel Archer
Thankfully most of my plants make it through the frost okay.  It seems only my lilac and burning bush have any real damage.  

Day 15 
Shirt - Simplicity 3786
Celebrating my daughter freedom this morning......she took her last college exam for the semester!  She is officially a junior!  Her freedom is very short-lived because she takes summer classes which start up in three weeks.  

Day 16 
Dress - Lady Skater
I woke up expecting warm weather today but instead it is still freezing.  Sad day.  

Day 16 
Shirt - Simplicity 7912
Had a lunch date with my husband and a late afternoon coffee/cake date with a friend.  No complaints over here.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Simplicity 2401, I love you!

Meet my new summer uniform.   This dress is the most comfortable thing on earth!!  The fabric is light and cool.....and I am never taking it off.  Colorado may be chilly most of the year but our summers are HOT!  It is way worst when you don't have a/c.........which I don't.  For a couple of months.....okay weeks but it feels like months, it get so hot in the afternoon that I can't even move.  I just sit in front of the fan and die!!!  This dress will be worn A LOT during those months (weeks).
I love the fabric.  I passed it a billion times in Joann's but it was too pricey then one day, surprise, it was on the discount wall.  I got it for $5.00 a yard.  YAY!  It is a really lightweight, soft rayon and the colors are super bright!
I used Simplicity 2401.  It has been on the top of my to do list since last summer.  I loved putting this pattern together.  The elastic back is brilliant.   It keeps the dress in place yet it is very comfortable.   As soon as the top was put together, I could tell wearing a bra with this dress was going to be tricky.  So I added it to the dress.  It was a simple add and oh my worth it.  No worries and super comfy!!

I think I am going to need a few more!  Maybe one in a solid or pink?  Me-Made-May is showing me that I need more solid colors in my closet.  It is just so hard because the prints are so pretty!!
For now, I am just going to enjoy my new summer uniform!!

The.....I almost threw it away skirt - Vintage McCall 3050

Never sew while in a bad mood because you may end up throwing away cute skirts.  After finishing this skirt, I decided that the fabric looked like a tablecloth and the style was awful on me.  Thankfully, I didn't feel like ripped the buttons off so I threw it in the corner instead.  A couple of days later, I found it and decided I loved it.  Crazy girl.
The pattern is a vintage 1950's McCall 3050 I found an antique store for cheap.  The pattern pairs the skirt with the cutest halter top.  I can't wait to try it out but haven't found the right fabric yet.  The skirt went together easily.  I used a really lightweight linen blend.  It will be perfect for this summer.  
I love a button up skirt!
I also want to give a shout out to May Blossom Designs.  I made this super cute thistledown rabbit for my mom on Mother's Day.  I really love how it turned out.  I have to say that the wool felt is CRUCIAL to the success of this bunny.  Regular felt just tears me I know.  A little warning about this felt....turning it takes some serious muscle.  :)  I found the wool felt at my Hobby Lobby.  

Friday, May 9, 2014

Me-Made-May'14: Week Two Round-Up

May 3rd
Skirt: New Look 6789

Super lazy/lovely day but we did manage a nice walk to get banana slurpees!

May 4th
Dress: Vogue 1152

We woke up early and went to the local street market.  My son had the best time ever because he found a working R2-D2!  It makes all the cool sounds and it was less than his allowance.  Yay!  

May 5th.
Shirt: Renfrew

Shopping day with a quick stop at the library.  My favorite book of all time, Count of Monte Cristo, was checked out so we went with Dumas's second best.  We also found dairy-free (I have a dairy allergy) chocolate covered caramels at Whole Foods!  Life changing goodness!

May 6th
Shirt: New Look 6210

I spent the day waiting for a dishwasher delivery which involved a lot of movie watching, reading and chocolate-covered caramel eating.

May 7th
Dress: Tiramisu

Today I went to help picking out a flower girl dress pattern with one of my favorite families.  The wedding is in Alaska! How FUN!  I can't wait to see the pictures!!  The final dress selection was simplicity 1508.  I will be making the muslin over the next week or two then we get to pick out the actual fabric!!!! 

May 8th
Dress: New Look 6098

I visited my sister, niece and new nephew this morning.  I could listen to my niece talk all day.  She has a sweet little girl voice right now.  So CUTE!

May 9th
My shirt: Renfrew 
Boys jacket: New Look 0912

No school today!  We just had to stop in for a quick parent/teacher conference.  We will be cleaning the rest of the day. I LOVE having helpers around when I clean!!