Thursday, May 8, 2014

Love At First Stitich - Brigitte Scarf and a Pirate Adventure!

Today is the LoveAtFirstStitch online book launch party! I can't wait to get a copy of this book!  Tilly and the Buttons has been giving sneak peeks for a while and I like everything I have seen so far.  The book is perfect for my daughter who is just learning to sew and for me because I want all the amazing patterns! Check it out at her site!

In honor of the book launch, I made a lovely Brigitte Scarf!  We found a ton of ways to use it while creating a super fun pirate adventure..............

A sweet young man, minding his own business, is suddenly
Robbed by this awful highwaywomen!  She steals his most prized possession!  Oh MY!
Luckily, he escapes by swinging on to a passing ship!
Sadly, it is a PIRATE ship.  Oh NO!  The pirates take all his money and tie him up!
He is then forced to walk the plank......but wait!  He somehow manages to snatch the captain's wooden leg and defeat the pirates BLINDFOLDED!
Our hero is quite the man.  He steers the ship to safety then spots his most prized procession waiting for him on the dock!
The End!

I also love the Brigitte Scarf for everyday uses too.  Hmmmmm....maybe a more colorful dress, beautiful big earrings and a globe.........the adventures of the fortune teller.....


  1. Replies
    1. We laughed the whole time. He is a blast!

  2. Fabulous, good on your boy for joining in. It looks great on you too.

    1. Thanks. He had fun and wanted to wear the top hat to school. LOL!