Saturday, May 31, 2014

Me-Made-May'14: Week Five Round-Up! The End!

May 24th
Shirt - Simplicity 2365
Spent the morning at the street market.  My son is always willing to go with me because he loves the big slides (3 rides for a buck!) and snow-cones! Then, we headed to the plant nursery!  The weather is finally stable enough to plant some pretty flowers and veggies!

May 25th
Shirt - Renfrew
If you go on a plant buying spree one day, you are forced to weed and work in the garden the next.  The first weeding after winter is the best...NOT.  We have our entire yard xeriscaped which means we weed everything.

May 26th
Dress - Vogue 8379
A quick walk for Slurpees and then we are off to our Memorial Day BBQ!  Fun day!

May 27th
Skirt - Simplicity 2655
Shirt - Renfrew
Picked up two new mice friends for the sewing room today with my boy.  He named them Timon and Pumbaa which is funny because he hasn't watch the Lion King in at least four or five years.  LOL.

May 28th
Dress - Burda 114 5/2010
My favorite picture!  LOL.  Putt-putt golf with the kids today.  I love summer vacation!

May 29th
Skirt - Vintage McCall 3050
Shirt - Maria Denmark Kimono Tee
I had a fun morning coffee date with my BFF again but sadly forgot to take a picture.  I so wanted to make her feel like a teenager again!  LOL.  When I got home, the kids and I decided to go for a hike with Tinkerbell (dog) and hang out at the park.  Fantastic weather today!

May 30th
Dress - Cake Tiramisu
Clearly my family is having a little too much fun with these daily pictures.  Too funny.

May 31st
Dress - Simplicity 2401
Annual family bbq with my good friends today.  Thankfully, we got to enjoyed a couple of hours of fun before the hail/thunder storm shut it down.  The kids had a blast running around in the hail and rain while all the adults froze.  LOL.

Yay Me-Made-May is over!  No more daily pictures YAY!  I really enjoyed participating this year and learned a lot about my wardrobe. 

1. I need more solids!  
2. I also found a lot of orphan skirts in my closet.  So now I don't sew separates, I sew outfits.  I started this week two and it works wonderfully and with all the great shirt patterns it is easy.  
3. I have a ton of summer clothes that I love but my winter wardrobe is lacking.  You would think the opposite because I live in Colorado but I guess the Florida girl still rules. 
4. Instagram is FUN!

It was a great experience and I will definitely pledge again next year!


  1. Good job getting through it. Those are some great pictures, lots of fun going on. I know what you mean about orphans in the wardrobe. I've begun to check myself when buying fabric. If it's not for a stand alone dress, it has to coordinate with at least two other things before I'll purchase it.

    1. Thanks! We are having Instagram withdrawal over here. lol. I love your method of two other matching things. I will be adding this to my outfit rule!

  2. I love all your outfits, but the purple dress and the red tank burda one are my favs! Your family is really getting into the photos!! Instagram is way fun. I once photographed the same flower over a month or so... it was so inspiring to challenge myself. I'm so excited that you participated and wore so many of your clothes. It's really interesting to learn what does and doesn't work. Oh, and your weeding outfit? Awesome. Pure awesomeness.