Friday, May 16, 2014

Me-Made-May'14: Week Three Round-Up

May 10th
Shirt - Vogue 8877
Great Day!  My son and I drove to Lakewood and met with a great group of photographers at Bear Lake Creek Park.  We photographed seven different birds......three owls, two hawks and two eagles.  We were there about three hours but it felt like five minutes.  Close-ups were at the 2 feet mark and they flew the bald eagle and the golden eagle for us.  Super fun day and we ended up with some really great photos!

May 11th
Shirt - Flannel Archer
A very snowy Mother's Day with tons of good food, gifts and great company. Every year I am going to plan a super great day before Mother's Day with my son because he was amazing today. I think he was still flying high from the day before.   :)  Side note:  I love this picture because Tinkerbell look so 'happy' just makes me laugh!

May 13th
Overalls - McCall 3835
Still snowy and cold outside today so I decided to make a cute summer dress. 

May 14
Shirt - Flannel Archer
Thankfully most of my plants make it through the frost okay.  It seems only my lilac and burning bush have any real damage.  

Day 15 
Shirt - Simplicity 3786
Celebrating my daughter freedom this morning......she took her last college exam for the semester!  She is officially a junior!  Her freedom is very short-lived because she takes summer classes which start up in three weeks.  

Day 16 
Dress - Lady Skater
I woke up expecting warm weather today but instead it is still freezing.  Sad day.  

Day 16 
Shirt - Simplicity 7912
Had a lunch date with my husband and a late afternoon coffee/cake date with a friend.  No complaints over here.


  1. You look great in all of them. But its your flannel archer that I am so jealous of , it looks so comfortable I need one of those in my life.

    1. I adore the archer. I made three long sleeved flannels so far and two sleeves summer shirt. BEST pattern ever!

  2. In addition to loving your awesome me-mades, I am envious of your weather! We were in the high 90's last week. Tinkerbell is adorable. I miss my mom's corgie-Trader.

  3. My first dog was a corgi-chihuahua mix. He was all corgi in personality and I feel in love with the breed. You really have to LOVE the breed to put up with all the hair.