Friday, May 9, 2014

Me-Made-May'14: Week Two Round-Up

May 3rd
Skirt: New Look 6789

Super lazy/lovely day but we did manage a nice walk to get banana slurpees!

May 4th
Dress: Vogue 1152

We woke up early and went to the local street market.  My son had the best time ever because he found a working R2-D2!  It makes all the cool sounds and it was less than his allowance.  Yay!  

May 5th.
Shirt: Renfrew

Shopping day with a quick stop at the library.  My favorite book of all time, Count of Monte Cristo, was checked out so we went with Dumas's second best.  We also found dairy-free (I have a dairy allergy) chocolate covered caramels at Whole Foods!  Life changing goodness!

May 6th
Shirt: New Look 6210

I spent the day waiting for a dishwasher delivery which involved a lot of movie watching, reading and chocolate-covered caramel eating.

May 7th
Dress: Tiramisu

Today I went to help picking out a flower girl dress pattern with one of my favorite families.  The wedding is in Alaska! How FUN!  I can't wait to see the pictures!!  The final dress selection was simplicity 1508.  I will be making the muslin over the next week or two then we get to pick out the actual fabric!!!! 

May 8th
Dress: New Look 6098

I visited my sister, niece and new nephew this morning.  I could listen to my niece talk all day.  She has a sweet little girl voice right now.  So CUTE!

May 9th
My shirt: Renfrew 
Boys jacket: New Look 0912

No school today!  We just had to stop in for a quick parent/teacher conference.  We will be cleaning the rest of the day. I LOVE having helpers around when I clean!!


  1. What a lovely round up! You have made yourself some fun, functional, and cheerful clothing. It must be great fun picking outfits in the morning!! :) Such an inspiration.

  2. Thanks. I am surprised by how many me made clothes I have but I am learning that I need way more solids.