Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Breaking out of my box with Simplicity 1801

I am so inspired by Suzannah at Adventures in Dressmaking.  She has made a few beautiful knit version of Simplicity 1801.  As much I really want all of her dresses, I was a little (a lot) nervous about making a woven pattern in knit myself.  A cute border print in my stash motivated me to take the plunge and just do it.  The fabric is a very stretchy jersey knit possibly mixed with something......
The fabric is a bit sheer so I lined the whole top and waist with a brown jersey knit.  The lining added stability, privacy and gave a nice finish to the neckline and arms.  I try not to use facing and interface on knit fabric because.......well I just don't like too.  :)  
The original pattern had a front yoke piece on the shoulders which I removed.  I also cut one size smaller. Those were pretty much the only changes I need to make the dress fit with the knit fabric.  I also gathered the shirt the whole way around instead of just in the front and back.   It was easier to cut the skirt in one large rectangle and keep my border even than to cut the skirt into pieces. 
I am really happy with the results and finally have a cute dress like Suzannah now.  I normally stay away from gather skirt dress because I think they make me look a bit large but I like this one a lot.  It is so nice to wear. Best part...... my daughter loved my dress so much that she wanted one too.  So we headed in the sewing room and she made one!
I think she looks fantastic!  This was her first time making a dress and she owned it!

In other news, a new small but fantastic fabric store just opened in my area.  It is called Stitch Studio.  I think it opened about a month ago and I stopped in for the first time today.  I LOVED it. The owner occasionally buys from other sewers which makes for really great finds!  I got two yards of vintage Japanese silk (black and red fabric) and she had vintage 1940's glass buttons.  Such a great place!  She hosts a twice a month sewing meeting......free just bring your current work.  I am going this Thursday and I hope to find some local sewing friends.  Wish me luck!