Monday, August 25, 2014

My Creamsicle Summer Dress - Vogue 8997

Well, I had a busy summer with little time for sewing in between
  1. Mornings at the stables
  2. Bike riding and gardening (My son's science project this year is about pumpkin plants in full sun vs part sun. We have a record making huge one growing.)
  3. Making all of our Christmas gifts as a family (which did involve sewing but if I post pictures the surprise is spoiled.  J)
  4. Very lazy afternoons in front of the fan
  5. Helping my daughter move into her first apartment!!!!  Thankfully she is only 20 minutes down the road so we still get to have morning coffee dates!

I thought I might let the blog go but changed my mind because
  1. As much as I hate taking pictures of myself, I think they give a viewpoint I don’t get in the mirror.  I see things in pictures that I would never notice otherwise….good and bad.  J
  2. I really do love the online sewing community
  3. I have a huge stash that needs to be busted……no excuses!!
  4. My mom gets to see my makes instead of just hearing about them. J

So there you have it.  I did make a couple dresses and skirts over the summer but first up on the blog is a dress I finished yesterday.  There were highs and lows with this one.  It is Vogue 8997 and I used a lovely ORANGE lightweight linen I got a JoAnn’s.  I love this fabric!!

I really love this pattern but my glance and go method of pattern reading did not work out well this time.  The front two pieces of the skirt REALLY need a stay stitch at the top and I failed to include it.  The top part of this piece is cut on the bias and it completely stretched out.  So, once the dress was put together the seam was REALLY wonky.  I messed with it for over an hour and nothing worked.  I really love the fabric and didn’t want to lose the dress so I put my thinking cap on.  I ended up sleeping on it and finally decided to add trim and a bow over the seam.  Thankfully it worked out well.   I think I might even like it better this way. 

Other than that, this pattern was really quick and easy to put together.  I was not sure about interfacing the whole bodice but in the end it was not stiff at all.  I highly recommend this pattern.  The empire waist and non-gathered skirt is very flattering to the figure and fun to wear.  I love full skirts in the wind!


  1. This is darling on you. I'm so glad you did a review because now I know I need to make it. Another point to add to your reasons for keeping a blog is that it helps me and any number of lurkers know how a pattern will turn out. And we're your very own cheering section.

    1. Thanks so much! Just what I needed to hear......I am also the quiet cheering section for quite a few bloggers.

  2. What a beautiful dress! You look gorgeous! When you write for yourself, and to share with those you love, you create the most amazing works. Speaking from experience, when I tried to do it for what my buyers or readers wanted, it wasn't the same. Do it for the love of it, to document your amazing work, and like you said to see yourself from a unique perspective. I love just seeing what you've made!!!

    1. I adore you GG!!! Thanks so much!

  3. LOVELY. I have just brought this pattern and about to make the dress from old vintage sheets