Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Oh Tiramisu How I Love Thee!

I have quite a few of these lovely dress in my closet.  Cake Tiramisu Dress.  It really is the perfect dress. Very flattering and so fast and fun to put together.  I personal think it is made to go with cowboy boots and hats!  Sadly, they are missing from my pictures but I will remember them next time I promise!!

It seems like no blog is complete without a Cake Tirisumi review so I guess I am now an official sewing blogger.............  Oops I  forgot I am one of the very few who has yet to make the BH Anna dress so I guess my official status has been revoked!  One day you're in, the next day you're out!  

As I said this is a sweet pattern to work with.  The sizing can be adjust for each piece which is just genius! My favorite things about this dress has to be the fact that the neckline does not provide a free peep show when I bend over.  LOVE!!!  It is also very flattering on just about every figure! I know that seems impossible but really it is!!!

So if for some crazy reason you have not made one yet, go get busy!!!!!!

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  1. I have not made one, I've looked at the pattern a few times and it is definately on my list for when I get a bit better at sewing knits.