Friday, October 24, 2014

My 'Make It Work' Skirt

I found this fabric at my local independent fabric store.....and threw all common sense out the window and bought it.  I REALLY liked the print and color but the quality of the fabric not so much. It is the kind of fabric that gives polyester a really BAD name.  LOL.  Once I got it home, I really started to wonder about my sanity.  It had ZERO drape and felt similar to a not so expensive shower curtain.   What to do?

I decided to keep it easy and use my favorite vintage skirt pattern McCalls 3050. I fixed the fabric quality issued by underlining the whole skirt with really lovely yet super thin 100% cotton fabric. This completely changed the feel and drape of the fabric and made it really lovely to wear.  It is cool enough for summer but the added layer of fabric makes it great for winter too.  Overall, I am pretty happy with the results.

I really enjoying sewing this skirt pattern.  This is my second time and I think they are so versatile. The skirt goes great with tank tops, t-shirt or sweaters and the cut is kinda slimming.  My favorite part is it feels really girly but isn't over the top.  I am CLEARLY a fan.  :)


  1. Great save! This looks fabulous. It's a great pattern and it suits you.