Saturday, December 6, 2014

I Really Shouldn't Have.....Oslo by Seamwork

So, I kinda fell in love with the Oslo cardigan by Seamwork as soon as I saw it on Monday but sadly I had zero sweater knit in my stash.  The stash that has grown quite a bit over the past couple of months.  The stash that I swore I would not add another thing to until at least February (birthday month).  So, I decided to be super responsible and I put it at the end of my long to-do list.  Then, I had to stop by Joann's for some thread.  I found myself walking though the fabric department and I spotted this super cute sweater knit.  REALLY?  Jo-Ann's of all places!  So, responsibility flew out the window and I was sewing this cute cardigan up the same night.

I really love this pattern!  The construction is very thought-out and super fast.  I made zero changes but since my fabric had a lot of mesh I used my favorite stay tape on every single seam.  This thing should last forever!!!

I love the fit, the length, the cute cuffs on the sleeves....I just love it!  

Don't you just love my background today?  I was visiting my daughter and this trail is right behind her dorms.  It was super cold and I am still feeling pretty sick with this awful cold but we had a blast anyway.  

If you haven't bought this pattern yet, what are you waiting for?  Buy it!  It's $6.00 and comes with two super cute bag patterns too.

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  1. Super cute and it looks so comfy! I love your background as well. ~Teri