Monday, December 1, 2014

My Favorite Pattern.....Vogue 8951!!

Hoodies  and Colorado.  They just go together.  It is required wear here........they are practically issued at the border.  This is my FAVORITE hoodie pattern ever!  The construction process is super simple and the hoodie has a bit of shape to it.  Almost gives me curves!  My prior post have all the details.  Here and Here.

TA-DA!!  Even straight girls can have curves every now and then!! 

The fox fabric is a jersey knit from Girl Charlee and the heart fabric is a sweater knit from Fabric Mart.  LOVE them both!!!

I have a super awful cold that is lasting FOREVER (about 6 weeks).  The kind of cold that makes you wish you had just caught the flu instead because it would have only lasted 10 to 14 days. The awful cough is the worst.  Anyway, I have a ton of completed new projects that I photographed but the photo shoot took place the day before the awful cold came.  I look so sick and miserable so I am hoping to do it again soon.  I have been sewing up a storm.  :)))

Have to give both dogs some camera time. :)  Anyway, if this pattern is not currently in your stash, you should run out and buy it!  I have been thinking about added a bit of length to turn it into a dress next....I think it would be sooooo cute!!

I leave you with a cute peek at the neckline change I made.   Did I mention how much I LOVE this hoodie?

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