Thursday, December 11, 2014

The 'I Can Even Move My Arms' Shirt - Simplicity 4632

I love this shirt!  It is so my style..... a bit of a cross between an art smock and a Bollywood pantsuit shirt.  I LOVE Bollywood style, movies, dancing......everything!   As much as I have always loved this style shirt, up until now I have never own a single one because I have a wide back problem.  I could never cross my arms in them before and I just couldn't find the right adjustments.   Thankfully, I ran across Sunni's AMAZING post and it changed my life!!!!  It was a super easy adjustment too! So, from now on, I plan to LIVE in these much more comfortable when you can actually cross your arms.

I found this fabric at Joann's....they have been rockin it lately.  I actually bought this same fabric in orange and made a cute dress this past summer.  Apparently, I just adore clothes made out of  tableclothy looking fabric.  :)  It is a nice linen blend with a super light and comfortable feel!  

I didn't have enough to add the adorable cuff like in the pattern so I just added a basic circle cuff at the half sleeve mark with a pleat at the top.  It just looks like I always have my sleeves pushed up which works great for me.  It was a really fast and easy sew.  I originally made it calf length but it didn't do too much for my figure that way.  Next, I tried thigh length but when I walked it bunched up a bit so I finally settled on a tunic.   LOVE!

Did I mention how much I LOVED Sunni's post!!  A TON!!  Thank you so much!  Seriously, what did people do before sewing blogs?  I learn so much and am so thankful for them all!

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  1. Super cute tunic! Thanks for the link to the back adjustment. I sometimes have that problem too, so that will come in handy.