Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tulle....It's A Love/Hate Thing!

So my passion turned into a job and that turned out to be a bad thing.  I LOVE photography but sadly I don't always love family portraits and customer service in general.  So my passion died a couple of years ago.  This year my goal is to find it again.  I have promised myself (and my husband) to only take photos that inspire me this year.  Now enters the Tulle skirt. I wanted to make a flowy princess dress that was not bulky for this shoot. 

For me, working with Tulle is like herding cats.  I have often made a few quick tutu-like skirts for various 5k runs but I always had a huge amount of fabric around my middle that was not attractive at all.   So I googled tulle skirts and I found this amazing technique that involves layering the tulle on a strip of muslin.  It may be common knowledge to all of you but it was life changing knowledge for me!

This skirt was made from about 16 yards of tulle and a 6 inch piece of muslin.  The muslin was fitted around my daughter's waist then I just sewed a couple of layers of tulle every half inch until I reached the top of the muslin fabric.  As I add the tulle, I hand pleated it before it hit the pressure foot so it had some volume.  It gave the skirt a really nice cascading effect that included zero bulk!

I sewed a ribbon to tie it around my daughter waist and ta da!  Of course, my photography clothes are never really wearable.  They are done as quick and cheap as possible.......just enough to create the right illusion but I think this technique would work on top of a real skirt that could be totally worn out in public. 

It will be a while before I make another one because I will need to forget how uncooperative tulle can be but I do plan to add a couple of yards of black tulle to this dress in the near future for another shoot.   I really had a blast doing this photo shoot and, as always, I am so thankful for the internet and all the people that post their fantastic knowledge!!


  1. Great tulle trick. I grew up with photographers and love to play with the camera. I hate, despise, abhor having pictures taken. My daughter, my middle son, and I are all homophobics who create interesting faces for cameras. I've done some portraits for others, but could never do it for living.

    1. LOL. I hate having my photo taken also. Thankfully my kids are agreeable most of the time. Every since Pinterest came along family photography has become interesting. People show up with a phone full of images they want recreated........to me that is stealing someone else'e creativity. Not cool.