Sunday, January 25, 2015

When One.....Two Just Isn't Enough! - Olso Cardigan

Well, I clearly love this are my second and third versions of the Oslo sweater! I had to stop myself from making a fourth......,but really can a person have too many cardigans?  I don't think so.

The pattern is from the first issue of the Seamworks magazine put out by Colette Patterns.  It is a really fast and easy pattern to put together....under 2 hours.  My first post about this pattern is here.

 I love that I can serge the whole thing except the bottom back hem!  

My red version is made out of a basic medium weight sweater knit.  It has a bit more structure and I love it on super cold today!

My purple version is made out of a lace sweater knit I picked up at a local store.  I love this cardigan's in lace sweater knit!!! 


  1. Your three versions of this had me going through my sweater knits. Hubby even said these look like my style and I should get it. It looks like the patterns isn't available right now. What a bummer! However, the new magazine looks good.

  2. Vicki, after seeing how lovely your sweaters are turning out, I've put one on my to-do list! I'm really enjoying your beautiful photos.

  3. I downloaded the free issue but never saw a pattern for the sweater - would I only get it if I subscribed? I probably will but thought the bag and sweater patterns would be there!

  4. I had avoided the Seamwork because I had fitting problems with Colette patterns but now I want this pattern -- looks like an easy sew in something I need! Your versions look so comfy.

  5. Thanks! The pattern is being sold a la carte now. You can find it at