Friday, February 27, 2015

My Endless Pajama Party! Carolyn Pajamas!

Carolyn current addiction!  As you know, I made the shorts version of these pajamas in a cute Snoopy fabric early this month.  I LOVE them but I do live in Colorado and it has snowed almost every day for the past two weeks!  I need pants!

I had quite a few cabin fever days lately and this pattern got me through the worst of it.  The pattern is fun to sew up and I learned a lot too.  The collar was a new technique for me and the directions were fantastic!  I also love sewing up a pattern a couple of times in a just gets better and better each time.  Whereas if I take a break from the pattern, it's like starting new all over again for me.

My Paris pj's are made out of quilting cotton with a super soft feels....LOVE. 

Clearly I am a Carolyn Pajama super fan!  If you have not tried the pattern yet, I am giving you a big virtual push!!  Just do it!

Friday, February 20, 2015

The Crazy Dog Lady Challenge - Completed!

I LOVE fun sewing challenges so when I read about the Crazy Dog Lady Challenge on the Two Random Word Blog, I immediately joined in and put my fabric finding skills to work!  I love my dogs!  I have a Pembroke Welsh Corgi (Tinkerbell because she was the runt.....4 years old) and an English Cocker Spaniel (Dash because she never sits still.....7 months old).

I found this super cute Scottie fabric at The Fabric Fairy.  It's a cotton/poly/lyrca blend and my new favorite t-shirt fabric.  Fantastic recovery...perfect drape....feels incredible on....easy to sew with......I can't say enough!  I ordered a ton more in solid colors and can't wait for it to arrive!!

My shirt is a combination of Kwik Sew 1065 (main body) and the renfrew (neckline and sleeve bottoms).  This was my first time ever combined two patterns and I love the result!  YAY!  The two pattern merged easily and gave me just the style I was looking for!

I really wanted black arms but couldn't find a similar weight fabric but thankfully I ended up liking the red.  I was not at all confident in my abilities to make the first shirt so I made a back up shirt just in case it didn't work.  I love them both!  The second shirt is a straight renfrew.

I really enjoyed this challenge and can't wait to see everyone's makes!!  The challenge is open til March 15th so y'all should join in the fun!!

Close up of my super cute fabric!!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

It's A Pajama Party! - Carolyn Pajamas

I LOVE pajamas but sadly most of mine consist of tank tops and very well-worn simple pants (the kind I learned to sew when I was ten) so I was so excited when Closet Case Files released their newest pattern.......Carolyn Pajamas.   They are super cute and comfortable but fancy enough that I don't feel too bad wearing them well into the morning (afternoon).

 I knew right away that I wanted to use Snoopy quilting fabric! (I have a bit of an addiction to quilting fabric....collect it....covet it....but never a use for it...I rarely quilt.  Just another reason to love this pattern)  I searched around town and there must have been a snoopy quilting convention going on or something because all the bolts were just about empty!  Since I was SET on Snoopy, I went with the shorts!

This was a fun pattern to sew up!  Lots of great details and the results are lovely.  I initially choose to go with the black contracting fabric because of my fabric shortage issues but in the end I can't image it any other way!  Sophisticated Snoopy!!

Super cute fabric!!!

I will be making a ton more of these......another Snoopy (once the stores restock), a strawberry shortcake and maybe even a solid colored with piping.  The Pajama Party continues into early March so go buy the pattern and join the FUN!

Monday, February 9, 2015

My Winter Coffee/Couch Date Dress - Burda 1/2014 #123

As soon as I spotted the photo of this dress in my winter issue of Burda Style, I knew I had to have one!  I ADORE loose yet flattering winter clothes....because if you have to be cold you should at least be comfortable.  I tried to find a nice striped fleece fabric so I could be just as cute as the model but furry striped fleece is surprising hard to find!  Thankfully JoAnn's had this amazingly novelty knit waiting for me.  It is super soft fabric with an almost sponge-like texture (I just made it sound awful but trust me it's heaven).

The pattern is pretty simple.  Three pattern pieces along with my serger made for a fast project.  I am still struggling to figure out my size in Burda patterns.  I cut a 38 based on my measurement and it was HUGE!!!!  It may have something to do with my fabric being a bit more stretchy then the fleece but I ended up taking about 4 inches off each side!! 

The fabric is a dream....hangs well, doesn't cling to my leggings and it is COMFORTABLE!!!  The  roomy sleeves and waist made this girl super happy!!  I felt slightly dress up for my coffee date and very happy later on the couch watching tv with my win!!

I am still searching for some lovely furry fleece because I would love another one.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Red TARDIS Skirt - McCall 3830

Another silly skirt.....they are my new favorite thing!   It is hard to be in a bad mood when you are dressed funny.  I REALLY love this skirt because the first time I wore it my son said 'Cool the red TARDIS' (Dr. Who reference).  He is 11-years old and the concept of a telephone booth is completely lost on him. the skirt all the more now.  I found the fabric in a quilting store and had to have it.  I LOVE London.  I spent a bit of time there while in the military (Air Force 9 years) and have really great memories!

I knew I wanted to wear the skirt with my boots and a sweater.  So, I underlined the fabric with another layer of lightweight cotton.  It gave the skirt more body and made it a bit warmer.  

I used McCall's 3830.  A simple pattern with only four pieces.  I didn't want to cut the fabric up too much.   I originally thought I would go longer and added a vent (something I just learned to do) but in the end had to cut it off.  The print demanded that the skirt be short.

I think this skirt will go in the back of my closet because I think my daughter may be planning to "borrow" it very soon.  A high compliment but I think I want to keep this one.  



Monday, February 2, 2015

Butterick 5313 With A Twist.

I really really really want to wear a super cute 50's dress with a lovely full gathered of the cute knit dresses all over the web right now........ maybe even a babydoll dress with once again a lovely gathered skirt but alas this is simply not meant to be. My high waist......or rather my non-existent boy-shaped body.......?? something makes these dresses looks like a giant swim wing has been added to my waist.  So sad.  I have tried them all and my gosh the results were BAD......but I just kept on trying.  How can this be when 99% of the population looks fantastic in them?   Finally, I accepted my fate after watching Susan Khalje's Couture Dress on Craftsy.  She mentioned a lady with my shape and stated she didn't look good with a seam of any kind at the waist!! ME that is me!  So I don't need therapy any longer, all my questions answered! Thankfully I found Butterick 5313.

I removed the ruffles and extended the length and TA DA a babydoll dress with ZERO gathers!! 

I kinda love it.  A super comfortable simple pullover dress!  After wearing them a couple of times, I decided I need a few more but maybe with a bit more floof in the skirt.  So I cut the width of the skirt piece down a bit but kept the flare making it a four panel skirt instead of two.  

Love!  The neckline on this pattern is pretty amazing.  Flat as a board no matter the fabric.  All of these fabrics had very different stretch values yet they all still worked out well.  All the fabric except the black is jersey knit from Girl Charlee.  The black is an ITY fabric from a discount bin at Colorado Fabric.  

I will still drool over all those love gathered dresses.   I may even still be tempted to buy a few of the patterns but when they end up in my fails bucket it won't be quite as heartbreaking.