Monday, February 2, 2015

Butterick 5313 With A Twist.

I really really really want to wear a super cute 50's dress with a lovely full gathered of the cute knit dresses all over the web right now........ maybe even a babydoll dress with once again a lovely gathered skirt but alas this is simply not meant to be. My high waist......or rather my non-existent boy-shaped body.......?? something makes these dresses looks like a giant swim wing has been added to my waist.  So sad.  I have tried them all and my gosh the results were BAD......but I just kept on trying.  How can this be when 99% of the population looks fantastic in them?   Finally, I accepted my fate after watching Susan Khalje's Couture Dress on Craftsy.  She mentioned a lady with my shape and stated she didn't look good with a seam of any kind at the waist!! ME that is me!  So I don't need therapy any longer, all my questions answered! Thankfully I found Butterick 5313.

I removed the ruffles and extended the length and TA DA a babydoll dress with ZERO gathers!! 

I kinda love it.  A super comfortable simple pullover dress!  After wearing them a couple of times, I decided I need a few more but maybe with a bit more floof in the skirt.  So I cut the width of the skirt piece down a bit but kept the flare making it a four panel skirt instead of two.  

Love!  The neckline on this pattern is pretty amazing.  Flat as a board no matter the fabric.  All of these fabrics had very different stretch values yet they all still worked out well.  All the fabric except the black is jersey knit from Girl Charlee.  The black is an ITY fabric from a discount bin at Colorado Fabric.  

I will still drool over all those love gathered dresses.   I may even still be tempted to buy a few of the patterns but when they end up in my fails bucket it won't be quite as heartbreaking.


  1. Oh thanks for talking about the waist issue-I don't really have a waist either. I love this dress and it really does suit you well. I just ordered a pattern for a dress with similar lines, and now I have hope that it might work for me.

  2. Oh these are awesome! I have a low waist, but it's rather non-existent...which I know you'll understand. I also love those skater dresses but the waistlines not only emphasis my block shape but also highlight that bit of extra fluff that has crept in recently. So I will follow your lead and try this pattern. Yay for no gathers, thus no maternity look!

  3. I love this dress and like your style! I may need to try this pattern.

  4. REALLY Great dresses - glad you found YOUR style! :-)