Saturday, February 14, 2015

It's A Pajama Party! - Carolyn Pajamas

I LOVE pajamas but sadly most of mine consist of tank tops and very well-worn simple pants (the kind I learned to sew when I was ten) so I was so excited when Closet Case Files released their newest pattern.......Carolyn Pajamas.   They are super cute and comfortable but fancy enough that I don't feel too bad wearing them well into the morning (afternoon).

 I knew right away that I wanted to use Snoopy quilting fabric! (I have a bit of an addiction to quilting fabric....collect it....covet it....but never a use for it...I rarely quilt.  Just another reason to love this pattern)  I searched around town and there must have been a snoopy quilting convention going on or something because all the bolts were just about empty!  Since I was SET on Snoopy, I went with the shorts!

This was a fun pattern to sew up!  Lots of great details and the results are lovely.  I initially choose to go with the black contracting fabric because of my fabric shortage issues but in the end I can't image it any other way!  Sophisticated Snoopy!!

Super cute fabric!!!

I will be making a ton more of these......another Snoopy (once the stores restock), a strawberry shortcake and maybe even a solid colored with piping.  The Pajama Party continues into early March so go buy the pattern and join the FUN!


  1. Who doesn't want Snoopy pajamas?? They are fabulous!

    1. Thanks so much. It's a slippery slope in that quilting many possibilities!

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