Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Red TARDIS Skirt - McCall 3830

Another silly skirt.....they are my new favorite thing!   It is hard to be in a bad mood when you are dressed funny.  I REALLY love this skirt because the first time I wore it my son said 'Cool the red TARDIS' (Dr. Who reference).  He is 11-years old and the concept of a telephone booth is completely lost on him. the skirt all the more now.  I found the fabric in a quilting store and had to have it.  I LOVE London.  I spent a bit of time there while in the military (Air Force 9 years) and have really great memories!

I knew I wanted to wear the skirt with my boots and a sweater.  So, I underlined the fabric with another layer of lightweight cotton.  It gave the skirt more body and made it a bit warmer.  

I used McCall's 3830.  A simple pattern with only four pieces.  I didn't want to cut the fabric up too much.   I originally thought I would go longer and added a vent (something I just learned to do) but in the end had to cut it off.  The print demanded that the skirt be short.

I think this skirt will go in the back of my closet because I think my daughter may be planning to "borrow" it very soon.  A high compliment but I think I want to keep this one.  




  1. Fab!

  2. I LOVE the print. What a fun skirt. Great Job!

  3. What fun fabric! It looks great made up as a skirt.

  4. What great fabric with fond memories attached. I bet you'll have fun wearing it. London is a cool place. I've visited there years ago when my daughter was doing a year abroad at college.

    1. Thanks. How fun....I would have love to go to school overseas.

  5. Have fun wearing these and smile!

  6. OMG! Love love it! How fun. I spent time in Manchester and absolutely adore the UK.