Saturday, March 21, 2015

From Sexy To Practical In Two Weeks Flat!

Well folks, I completely step out of my comfort zone with this one and I think I enjoyed it. 

It all started on a sunny day last September when the newest Burda Magazine arrived in my mailbox.   I spotted Burda 9/2014 127 and fell in love.  

Sadly it was short-lived.  I made three muslins with zero success.  Even after adding 5 inches to the upper back, I still couldn't move my arms.  The fit on the front of the sleeve was a disaster too.  So I accepted defeat and trashed the pattern.  I still had the most lovely wool (Colorado Fabric) and a ton of faux patent leather ( in need of a purpose.  I searched the internet for the perfect pattern (I only had 2 1/4 yards of wool) but couldn't find what I wanted.

So, I turned to New Look 6226 because I knew the shoulders and upper back fit perfectly.  I used my favorite ready-wear jacket to figure out a new bottom for the front and back and length.  I also added a collar.  I have never bought a coat or jacket that fits my upper back comfortably so I may have gone overboard with excess room in that area but I don't apologize.......crossing my arms without restriction is the BEST EVER THING!

I started out hoping for a sexy Michelle Pfeiffer (Grease II) jacket and ended up with an simple yet practical one.  Overall, I am very happy.  The sexy one would have spent most of its time in my closet whereas the practical one will see daily wear next winter.  

The faux patent leather (fancy word for vinyl) was surprisingly easy to sew with.  I used silk thread with the wool for the first time because Sandra Betzine told me too! (Crafty's Fabric Know-How class).  She is amazing and I LOVE the results.  I also LOVE sewing with wool..........wishing for a full wool

It seemed wrong to have a lovely wool jacket and put a polyester lining in it so I tried out some ambiance bemberg lining fabric and loved it so much I bought a ton more for the future.  Overall it was a PROCESS but the results make me smile! The best part is I have just enough wool left to make a little pencil skirt.  Yippee!!!


  1. Great story - and I love your jacket. Know you will enjoy wearing!

  2. I love it! I so suck at linings. Craftsy has a new class on linings, hope you got my email with that link. Is this the fabric you bought when we were at Colorado Fabric? And what is "ambiance bemberg lining fabric"? Intrigued.

    1. Yes, this is the fabric from our trip! I added a link for the lining but it is 100% rayon. Loved sewing with it. I also signed up for the lining class...... thanks for the heads up on that one. Just what I needed!

  3. Wowza! Your jacket is so awesome. The fabric, cut and styling is spot on! Just lovely.