Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My Burda Challenge February Fail

I love a sewing challenge.....they keep me on-task and motivated even on the worst of my dreary/lazy days. So when I read about the Burda Challenge on Nancy's blog http://sewinginsurfcity.blogspot.com last month, I was very excited.  The challenge is to sew something from a Burda magazine each month.  Thankfully, back issues are allowed because my sewing room has a stack of them.  I love so many of the patterns but tracing them out.......ugh!  This is the PERFECT challenge to get me to spend a bit more quality time with my tracing paper!  I missed January and surprisingly didn't have a February issue in the stack so I picked up the U.S. February issue at JoAnn's.  I fell in love with this shirt.  

It is the Burda 01/2014  #122 reprinted in the February 2015 U.S. Burda.  Sometimes I forget that I am in my mid-40's and my body has changed A LOT since high school.  Sadly, this pattern was a harsh reminder!  I have a super straight body and was hoping the various directions of the stripes would give me the illusion of curves but no that didn't happen.  It just made me look straighter.   Thankfully my daughter took it off my hands.

I think part of the problem was that my stripes were too narrow and I must have forgot that I really hate myself in a stripe of any kind. Anyway, it found a good home in the end.  The pattern itself was really easy to put together and in the U.S. issue there is a sew-a-long included with the pattern making the directions crystal clear.  I used a reversible jersey knit I purchased at JoAnn's

  This dress was REALLY hard to photography.  She looks lovely in it in this picture but it really is even cuter in real-life.  She is also my super favorite person for agreeing to a photo in the freezing weather!


  1. DD is darling! This is the second post I've read this week on this pattern - both not happy. As I'm well into my 60's, I'll give it a pass. But so cute on your daughter.

  2. Like Coco said you're the second "fail" I've read on this one!!!

    It could totally be the stripes. I sewed the ever popular Tilton "shingle" dress in a very narrow stripe and it was HORRID.

    She looks happy in it and super cute :)

  3. I think it looks great on your daughter! Too bad it didn't work for you.

  4. Stripes do that to me too…. thought the last pair of striped leggings I liked pretty well.