Saturday, April 25, 2015

A Celebration of Nose Diversity!

Oh my goodness, I made a quilt!  I am not a quilter. I have made a few in the past but they were just straight strips of corners, tips, points whatsoever!  I am NOT good with small details in quilts.  So, every nose on this quilt is different (poorly sewn) but I love it anyway.  No one (not even foxes) wants to be the same as everyone else anyway...right.

A broken-down corral in our neighborhood where the foxes live!  How perfect is that?

So what caused me to make this cute quilt?  Well, it all started when I won a few prizes for the Crazy Dog Challenge.   YAY me!!! One of the prizes was a Riley Blake fat quarter bundle with foxes on it. It was a nice size bundle and I felt like I HAD to use it well.  I can buy fabric and stash it forever no problem but win a bit of quilting fabric and it just haunts me.  So cute fox fabric calls for a Fox Quilt. 

I had enough fat quarter to do the lap quilt.  I recently started watching a 1-year old during the day so I sewed up 6 blocks a day during her naptime.  They were fun to sew and the quilt top was done in a week and a half.  It was fun and I will make other quilts in the future but sewing clothes will always be my favorite!


  1. Adorable! Don't quilts feel good? I love how the cool, kind of wrinkly, cotton feels.

  2. Ahh very cute. I've never made one. I wanted to make a tiny one when my daughter was in a cot ( almost three years ago) but I was only just learning to sew and just couldn't manage it. Almost put me off sewing! Like your one though.