Monday, April 27, 2015

My Newest Little Blue Dress.

I have learned so much about myself by blogging.  I really only started sewing my own clothes about a year and a half ago.  I mean I made skirt prior to the NRW fast but that was about it. So over the past year, I  learned important things like how to fit my shape (still learning) and what styles make me happy and comfortable.  I also learned silly things like my most recent discovery which is that I tend to sew the same colors back to back to back.  I look over the blog and there is burgundy, burgundy, burgundy and now blue everywhere!  How funny and maybe even boring.  lol. So here is my latest blue creation.

This dress started out as another Audrey but at the first try-on point I found out it didn't fit right.  The fabric is amazing but doesn't have the stretch needed for a comfortable Audrey dress.  Thankfully, I had a little fabric leftover and between that and the failed dress I was able to squeeze out this dress.

I blogged about this dress already here.  It starts out as Butterick 5313 (best neckline ever!) but I changed the skirt quite a bit.  This style dress is my "I can completely overeat at a BBQ and no one else has to know about it" go to look.    The fabric is a knit jersey blend from Girl Charlee!  I love it but read carefully only 30% stretch!  

So let me cheer for successfully saving a wadder and super pretty fabric!!  YAY!


  1. Yet good for you. I love this kind of dress. I hate feeling constricted around the tummy. Such a lovely print too.

  2. so pretty! what a good save, really nice fabric, the color is great on you.

  3. Wowza! What a great dress and with boots!?! I am in love.