Friday, April 10, 2015

My "OH MY" nightgown!

My Carolyn pajama sewing marathon inspired me to overhaul my pj situation.  So when I spotted Burda's vintage style nightgown (Burda 12/2014 #134), it moved right to the top of my to-do list.  I envisioned myself looking super cute in my new pink nightie cooking pancakes in the morning ect.  Then the fabric arrived and oh my cooking pancakes in this number (well....unless the kids are out, the blinds are bolted and the doors are triple  This fabric is SUPER sheer!!

The fabric is cotton lawn from  It is great quality but when I ordered it I didn't realize it was this SHEER!  I went ahead with the project because the fabric was perfect for a first worries if it failed.  

I really love this pattern.  It went together really easily and the pleat in the back is super cute. My experience with the Carolyn pj really helped with this pattern because so many of the techniques are the same.  The pattern says to use lingerie fabric but I think a flannel or shirting fabric would be great too.  So next time I will head for the other end of the spectrum. 

Overall, I am pretty happy with the husband is too.  LOL.   I will be making at least one or two more of these and hopefully I will be able to model the next ones for you! 


  1. This is darling! Everyone needs a sheer nightie :-)

  2. Tee hee! Saucy! Love the shape though. And the piping is a great touch.

  3. Sheer nightgown in pink -- very pretty in a classic shape! ;)

  4. This would be perfect for a summer robe over a spaghetti strap gown!