Sunday, January 31, 2016

My First Coat!!! Simplicity 2638

I made a COAT!  In the past, I have manage to make a fewbomber jackets but I was never brave enough to tackle a coat until now!  The whole process taught me that I have a TON more learning to do.  I am VERY happy with the results but I definitely need way more knowledge about adding linings and collars.  I had to draft half of the lining and tried three different ways before I could live with the results.  Also the collar on this coat took me forever!!  It may look a bit off in the pictures but I promise that it is straight.  I lost a ton of blood, tears and sweat to make sure!  LOL   So here it is.....a vintage Simplicity 2638!

Another picture in the snow.  I wish I could say that I took the last couple of pictures on the same day but sadly really has been snowing like mad here in Colorado.  On to the coat....... I used a lightweight red wool that I got for my birthday about two years ago. I had to build up the guts to use it.   I only had 2 1/2 yards so I really had to search for a pattern that I loved. I used ambiance for the lining.  My favorite part of this coat is the big collar which is my husband's least favorite.  LOL.

So many 'first time evers' happened while making this coat.  It was my first time adding a welted pocket to anything.  I thought it was going to be the hardest part (was I ever in for a surprise) but it was somewhat simple.  I used silly fabric for the pockets and kinda love them..

The collar was a challenge for me because the method used was to sew the under collar to the coat and the upper collar to the facing.  After that, you lined everything up and sewed them together and all should work well.  It didn't.  (I have enrolled and completed the collar class on Crafsty since making this coat)  Thankfully after a lot of seam ripping and frustration, it turned out well.

The lining was the hardest part for me because some of the pattern was missing.  I had to draft the front panels and I can barely add a lining to a skirt so that was hard for me.  I tried to add the lining and tack it to the hem but it kept pulling the coat.  So I then tried to bag the lining and found that I clearly needed more knowledge.  So finally, I add the lining with a floating hem and hemmed the coat with interface and pretty ribbon.  My arm lining is really loose but it wears well and so I am happy with it.

In the end, I am really thrilled with the finished product!  It tuned out to be just what I was hoping for.  My first coat and I planned to wear it everywhere!!!!


  1. You should be proud - it really turned out great! I love the red.

  2. You are rightly proud, what an achievement. Looks fabulous too.

  3. You're right - wear it everywhere! it's darling and I love the color you chose. Nice work!

  4. You did a great job and I love the red and the style! You look very happy in it.