Tuesday, January 12, 2016

My Trio of Archers

One of my very favorite patterns ever is the Grainline Archer.  I love this shirt and I believer her sew-a-long elevated my sewing to a completely new level.  I started taking more risks in my sewing after making my first shirt.  I just love the mechanics of making this pattern......slow and somewhat technical sewing makes my heart happy.

If I decide to make one, I find the fabric to make at least two in an assembly line type fashion.  It is a bit time consuming and two is always better than one but three is best!!  

My previous archers are great but I found my perfect length this time. I live in Colorado and this type of shirt is often my winter uniform (along with maxi shirts and leggings). 

I picked up all the fabric at JoAnn's.  The first two are shirting flannel and I LOVE them.  The last one is a cotton with a bit of a stretch in it.  It was a bit more tricky to topstitch but thankfully it turned out well in the end.  

   Sorry for the lack of ironing. I am sure you will be seeing a new trio this summer....maybe sleeveless.  Best money ever spent......love you Grainline!!


  1. What a great idea to do a production line of these. They look great on you, and you can't beat flannel for warmth this time of year.

  2. It works like a dream for me. I get three shirts in the time it would take to make one and a half.

  3. Really really nice. I agree - slow technical sewing is nice, has a rhythm, and is more interesting than a simple sew, flip, sew garment. Your shirts are great!