Tuesday, March 8, 2016

My First Ever Jean Jacket - Style Arc Stacie Jacket

Some days the ability to sew is just FABULOUS!  Today is one of those days.  I have always wanted a jean jacket (since high school which was AGES ago) but I never found one that I could move my arms in.  My shoulder are just a wee bit too broad.  So my choices were 1. A cute fitted jacket that I could wear while standing perfectly still or 2. a jacket I could move freely in but looked like it belonged to my boyfriend.  Now I can do both.....thanks to Style Arc Stacie Jean Jacket!

I really love Style Arc patterns! They tend to be a little (a lot) tight-lipped with their directions but their patterns are just fabulous to work with!  I used a 100% cotton denim I got at Fabric.com ages ago.  I also used Angela Wolf's Craftsy class with this jacket.  I  have never topstitiched before and it took a while and a ton of scraps to get the hang of it.  The jean thread didn't work for me but thankfully the double thread method was prettier!  Sadly my denim didn't take to distressing well but in the end I like the crisp look.

This project was a huge confident booster!  I feel like I may be able to tackle some jeans soon!  The pattern fit right out of the box minus the increase for my shoulders which I have to do on most every woven top.  I love the design lines.....like to think they are flattering on me.  I didn't care for the cuffs so I cut my own.  The denim was surprisingly easy to sew with my basic machine.  

I am also a bit in love with my skirt.  The fabric is from Fabric.com.  I didn't order enough to match lines but I stinkin love it anyway.  I used my favorite maxi-skirt pattern New Look 6762..  Back to the jacket.  This was a really fun pattern to sew.  Slow and enjoyable.  I highly recommend it.  I also love the jean buttons I found on Ebay.  They were surprisingly easy to put on.  I was so nervous that I would mess up the whole jacket on the last step but thankfully I didn't!

I leave you with a photo of Knight the horse.  It was dinner time so all the horse where hiding away eating!