Monday, May 2, 2016

Jasper Sweater - Two is Better than One!

I finished these sweaters late last week.....then we got hit with a huge snowstorm.  So, thanks Colorado for making polar fleece totally acceptable in May.  I do wish I had gotten around to this pattern in the Fall instead of Spring because I just love them.  The high neck is perfect for our windy climate..  I made both version of the Jasper Sweater from Paprika Patterns and I am so happy with both of them.

I made the hoodless one first.  I used polar fleece because it was just suppose to be a fit test but then I ended up loving it.  The fleece is kinda great because it allows you to bend and twist the neckline into different shapes and styles.  It is also super warm and cozy.  The pattern itself was so easy to work with.  Great directions and  everything fit together perfectly.  Also, a shout out to Paprika Pattern for making welt pockets super easy!!  The tutorial on their website is AMAZING!!

My hooded version is made out of 100% cotton sweatshirt  fabric from  It has zero stretch but I didn't even notice until the final try-on......thankfully I could get it over my head and it all fit perfectly!  I did have a bit of trouble fitting the hood....had to take about 2 inches off the back seam.  I also removed about 2-inch from the front collar to accommodate my stretch-less fabric.  I  am happy with the results. 

I highly recommend this pattern and had such a great time making this that I will be checking out more of their patterns in the near future.  I will definitely be adding this company to my favorite independent designer list!

On other news, I  decided to participate in the Me Made May challenge this year.  My goal is to finally address all the makes in my closet that need repairs and adjustments.  Fingers crossed.  Maybe I will even get some long needed photos taken for the blog.........that would be shocking.  LOL!

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  1. Hi, I found your blog because I was looking for comments/reviews on the Tosti jacket. When I looked a little further down I saw you had made this pattern. I made my first one of these last fall and now have four of them! Definitely one of my favorites.

    Thanks for sharing what you make!!