Friday, March 24, 2017

My Jacket Love Affair!

I had a blast sewing this jacket! Best time I have ever spent at my sewing machine and it is also my all-time favorite sew!  Now that, is a winning combination...super fun and best project ever!  I finished the jacket while it was 75 degrees outside with no snow in the sad.  Thankfully next week is suppose to be full of snow and wind so hopefully I will finally be able to wear it!!!!

Waffle Utility Jacket Tosti  I clearly love this pattern. When I first opened the pattern, I did get a bit intimidated but there was no need.  The directions are so clear and well-written it was almost like having a mentor right beside me.  The sizing was spot on too!  I made a muslin and it fit the first time....even with my super wide shoulders.   I took my time with this one but never got frustrated or felt the need to toss the whole project out the window.

I used a 100% cotton twill for the body of the coat and a Kaufman flannel for the lining.  I bought a couple of yards of the twill and made an apron a couple of weeks before making the jacket.  That way I was able to wash the heck out of it to make sure the fabric would hold up well. Thankfully, it did because I love the color and the price at Hobby Lobby couldn't be beat!  

Favorite Part
The best part about this pattern is that it is constructed in a way that is completely stress-free.  All the pockets go on before any construction begins so if I messed up I only had to re-cut that one piece. Even the snap portion (they were the scariest part for me) which is in the final stages of the project could easily be removed and replaced.   I LOVED that.  

I followed this pattern to the letter but did run into a problem with the back vents at the end.  I finished the jacket with beautifully sewn vents and decided to try it on once more before adding the lining.  Sadly, my big ole booty caused the vents to stand straight out.  Heartbreaking!  I should have added the full vent to my muslin.  :(  Since you cut the fabric when you make the vents, I was unable to just unpick them and move on.  Instead, I just sewed them down.  I had to get creative with the back seams of the lining so they're not straight but I am happy with the finally product.  

Current Obsession
It is even sewing related this week!  I am IN LOVE with Allary Chalk Cartridge Set.  I don't know how I have lived without this for so long.  I am forever struggling with market tools but no more.... because this is the bomb!!!  Am I the only clueless soul in the world that didn't know about this amazing tool?   

Saturday, March 18, 2017

My "70's But Not In A Retro Way" Outfit

My sweet daughter was my photographer today.  I asked her what she thought of my new outfit and she said it was 'definitely the 70's but not in a retro or chic way.....just full-on the 70's'.  I am pretty down with that.  :)  The crazy laughing was caused by a frantic mother, a dog and a baby on the other side of the fence.  The mother clearly needed a cup of coffee......with a kick.  :)   Also, my skirt seam shifted during the pictures but since pictures are the worst part of blogging, I just went with them.


Shirt - Stretch & Sew 309.  I don't know why I love this pattern so much but I do.  I guess it reminds me of my childhood.  It is surprisingly easy to sew up on a serger.   The hardest part is just figuring out color choices.  This pattern was in my mom's stash forever and I am so happy to have inherited it a couple of years ago. 

Skirt:  New Look 6078  I love this one also.  So many ways to customize it.  For this skirt, I just took the seams in to create a straight skirt.  


Shirt: This is my second time making this t-shirt.  The first time I was new to sewing and used a double knit for the body.  It felt like a straight-jacket.  This time I use a nice jersey knit.  I keep saying I really want a rainbow colored shirt (all seven colors).  My husband raises his eyebrows every single time I mention it.  LOL.  Lucky for him it is hard to find all the right colors in the right weight economically.

Skirt:  I used a lightweight 100% cotton denim.

Favorite Part

Shirt:  Clearly the rainbow and the fit of the shirt.
Skirt: I really love all the panels on this skirt.  I think it is really figure flattering and easy to wear.

Current Obsession: 

Netflix's Versailles costumes!  I almost want to watch each episode twice.  Once because the show is amazing and a second time to completely absorb the costumes!  I really LOVE the royal jackets.  I want to sew one up for everyday use.  It could work right.....with a really casual outfit under the right fabric....maybe one for every day of the rainbow colors.....LOL! 
Image result for versailles netflix mens costumes

Thursday, March 16, 2017

And she lives!!!

I can't believe it has almost been a year since I last posted.  Oh my!  I decided to make a comeback for a couple of reason.  First, it seems like fewer and fewer people are blogging.  I miss the bloggers! I love Instagram as much as the next person but the information and connection just isn't the same.  While pondering this, I realized I am a blogger that stopped blogging. So, here I am!  Secondly, I find that I use the blog a ton for reference (often make the same thing over and over).  Lastly, the pictures keep things real.  The mirror lies...lies...lies whereas a picture is often brutally honest.

Pattern:  Today we have  McCall's 6074.  It is a super favorite of mine.  I have these two shirts, a dress and a second dress on work table.  It is really fast, easy to make and easy to fit!  The elastic in the front does most of the fitting for you.  

Fabric:  I usually make it out of ITY fabric but want to try it with a nice weight jersey knit soon.  I prefer a slightly heavier fabric with really good recovery for this pattern because it makes the dress/top more shapely.  The thinner fabric works too but the results are less peplum and more straight.  Both of these fabrics were bought at and sadly both are sold out.

Favorite Part:  I love the way the pattern addresses the neckline,,,,,,,you sew it flat.  The neckline is sewn before combining the front two pieces which makes sewing the v-neck super simple.  

Current Obsessions:  I love a good podcast in the sewing room and this week I am binge listening to Lore.  History with an edge to it.  Each episode is guaranteed to be disturbing and are often times down-right scary......but....I. can't. stop. listening!