Saturday, March 18, 2017

My "70's But Not In A Retro Way" Outfit

My sweet daughter was my photographer today.  I asked her what she thought of my new outfit and she said it was 'definitely the 70's but not in a retro or chic way.....just full-on the 70's'.  I am pretty down with that.  :)  The crazy laughing was caused by a frantic mother, a dog and a baby on the other side of the fence.  The mother clearly needed a cup of coffee......with a kick.  :)   Also, my skirt seam shifted during the pictures but since pictures are the worst part of blogging, I just went with them.


Shirt - Stretch & Sew 309.  I don't know why I love this pattern so much but I do.  I guess it reminds me of my childhood.  It is surprisingly easy to sew up on a serger.   The hardest part is just figuring out color choices.  This pattern was in my mom's stash forever and I am so happy to have inherited it a couple of years ago. 

Skirt:  New Look 6078  I love this one also.  So many ways to customize it.  For this skirt, I just took the seams in to create a straight skirt.  


Shirt: This is my second time making this t-shirt.  The first time I was new to sewing and used a double knit for the body.  It felt like a straight-jacket.  This time I use a nice jersey knit.  I keep saying I really want a rainbow colored shirt (all seven colors).  My husband raises his eyebrows every single time I mention it.  LOL.  Lucky for him it is hard to find all the right colors in the right weight economically.

Skirt:  I used a lightweight 100% cotton denim.

Favorite Part

Shirt:  Clearly the rainbow and the fit of the shirt.
Skirt: I really love all the panels on this skirt.  I think it is really figure flattering and easy to wear.

Current Obsession: 

Netflix's Versailles costumes!  I almost want to watch each episode twice.  Once because the show is amazing and a second time to completely absorb the costumes!  I really LOVE the royal jackets.  I want to sew one up for everyday use.  It could work right.....with a really casual outfit under the right fabric....maybe one for every day of the rainbow colors.....LOL! 
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