Wednesday, April 26, 2017

My "Happy Surprise While Organizing" Dress!

I have been organizing (trashing) my house for the past couple of months.  This month I have taken on the Hercules job of clean up my computer.  Let me tell is the worst part so far!  One delightful surprise was finding the Zaslya pattern hiding in the dark space in my computer.   Glad for the save because I ended up loving the pattern!

Kate and Rose Zsalya Top/Dress.  The instructions are clear and straight-forward and the fit is spot on!  The front yoke design is fabulous because it stops any gaping from happening when you bend over!!  Even after lowering the neckline, it still worked!  Very impressed!  The dress is super comfortable too.  I want to make another one using a single fabric for summer.

I used Rayon Viscose from for both the yoke and the dress.  I am completely crushing on this type of fabric right now.  I LOVE the flowy springy feel of it.  So, I interfaced the yoke portion with Pro-Tricot Knit interfacing because I find this fabric a bit hard to work with.  I cut out the pattern piece on the interfacing and then ironed it on the fashion fabric before I cut it out.  It helped  the fabric hold its shape and kept me from having a meltdown when I sewed the neckline.

I did lower the neckline on this dress.  I simply took about 1 1/4 inch off the front yoke neckline following the original pattern lines.  I then took the same amount off the back shoulder grading down to the back of the sleeve.  It worked out well and everything fit together swimmingly.  Bonus, the neckline still held with zero gaping!  YAY!!!!

Favorite part 
Honestly......the whole dress.  I adore flowy dresses with yokes.  The more I have the happier I am.  I get to use my trickier fabrics with success and I feel good in them no matter what my body may look like day to day.

Current Obsession  
I just found Escape to the Country on Netflix this month.  LOVE!  I have been watching this while sewing but find that it really slows down my progress.  :) The show brings you house shopping in different rural part of Great Britain.......but in the best most interesting way.  Lovely scenery and quirky homes.   I still have family living in Dundee, Scotland and when I watch this show I wonder how my side of the family ever left!  (Great-grandfather got a job in U.S. and my great-grandmother was basically forced on the boat kicking and screaming.  LOL)  


  1. So cute! I also love the Zsalya pattern. I like this version with the colour blocking...I may have to try that!

  2. Love it! have never seen this pattern before, now I have to go look! And I'm with you on rayon/viscose - it feels so good in the heat, which makes up for its shifty ravely character!