Tuesday, April 4, 2017

My 'Most Loved Pattern' Dress

I am going to go out on a limb and call Butterick 5313 my most used pattern ever.  True Love. If I could only bring one pattern with me to my desert island escape this would be it!  

Four panel/front seam alteration
Butterick 5313 is super fast and easy to sew up.  The neckline goes in perfectly every time.  I love it because there are just so many different ways to sew this pattern.  I have made it as directed (below), with the altered shirt (like above).  It has also been made into a summer dress, a tunic and a basic t-shirt and a tank top.....the possibilities are endless.   I have a maxi length with a side split in my head that still needs to be addressed.    I have also never added a ruffle to any of my dresses yet but view B is still calling to me.

Sewn as directed with long skirt and no ruffle

I have tried this pattern with just about every type of knit fabric except a double knit. They have all worked fabulously and the neckline has laid flat every time too.  Love that neckline.

Four panel skirt on princess seams with spaghetti strap gathered top

Favorite Part
I love how this pattern is just so easily adapted into anything I can imagine.  I have a super straight body so I tend to lean towards empire-waist or no-waist silhouettes.  Good ones are really hard to find for some reason so this pattern is super special because it really allows me to build a wardrobe that is diverse.

There are just so many but today I will talk about my two favorite alternations.  

1.    I like to change the two-panel skirt and turn it into a fuller four-panel skirt.  I keep the waist size the same and add the flare to both sides of the skirt piece (above).  I also added to the length but kept the curve at the bottom the same.  When I add the four-panel shirt to the top, I have placed the seams in the center front or at the princess seams area.  Both work wonderfully. 

2.  I love the spaghetti strap dress but not the top ruffles (I would look like a linebacker with all that top weight).  So, I cut out two of the back and front bodice pieces and use one as a lining.  I attach them together at the neck and arm for a clean finish.  I also like to add about 1 1/2 inches of thin elastic and gather the front of the bodice.

Shirt version and short sleeved for panel dress

Current Obsession
Anthony Trollope.  Thank you Amazon Prime for airing Dr. Thorne (It was amazing) and it introduced me to the Trollope's Barsetshire Chronicles book series.  To me, Trollope's writing is a bit like Jane Austin but in a lighter easier reading style.   He is more family at the beach while Austin is more alone by the fire. I completely enjoy his cynical view of human nature and the media.  When the world appears to be a mess, I like to read older novels (this one written in 1855) so I can remember that people haven't really changed a bit. For some reason, that sad fact somehow gives me hope.  :)

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  1. What cute dresses! I love a pattern that I can morph and reuse. Till the tissue crumbles! Thks for the hint on Trollope - I'm ready for some entertainment :-) haven't read any of his books for years!